Distracted driving continues to be a threat to people’s lives

Use of mobile, drunk driving are instances Despite the number of deaths and injuries caused due to distracted driving, people continue to neglect its consequences.  According to the World Health Organisation, drivers who use mobile phones while driving are four times more vulnerable to road accidents. Bankrate describes distracted driving as an activity that diverts […]

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Awareness among people about emergency number 112 is low

Drives organized by the BMTC in collaboration with the Bengaluru police have failed to create awareness about the Emergency Response Support System (ERSS), launched two years ago. ERSS is a single emergency number (112) to address emergencies of citizens through the help of police, ambulance, fire and rescue services. Tejaswini, a daily commuter, said she […]

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In private companies, paternity leave remains a grey area

India lacks a law governing birth benefits for dads In India, government employees enjoy the benefit of paternity leave, but their counterparts in private companies struggle to get it. In 1961, India passed the Maternity Benefit Act, which allows women to avail of certain benefits and perks during pregnancy. Aiswarya Saji, an advocate, explained: “There […]

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Marital Rapes

With marital rape not recognized as a crime, cases are hushed up

Pallavi Das (name changed) cries in bed every night after her husband inflicts pain on her while sexually abusing her. She is not sure if it is right to call it “sexual abuse” as her husband says it is the foundation of a healthy marriage. According to The Better India website, 106 countries have recognized marital rape […]

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Social media influence the eating habits of young people

Most people do not notice the impact People tend to overlook the huge impact of social media on the lifestyle and eating habits of young people. According to Statista, over 4.26 billion people used social media worldwide in 2021. That number is estimated to increase to 6 billion in 2027. Dr Anurag Sharma, a nutritionist, […]

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Panic Attacks

Increase in panic attacks is a legacy of pandemic

Sufferers do not like to be in crowded places The number of Covid cases in India has gone down, but its after-effects linger. Panic attacks have increased in people across age groups.  The WHO released a scientific brief that stated that anxiety and depression among people increased by 25 per cent since the onset of Covid.  A […]

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