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Next govt must create a support system for them

Senior citizens in Bengaluru have mixed opinions on the upcoming assembly elections. Some want a corruption-free society, while others think national pride is important.
BK Sheshadri, 67, a businessman who once supported the RSS  shared: “The party that comes to power must eradicate corruption. Earlier, if the Congress was famous for 10 per cent corruption, now the BJP is famous for 30 per cent corruption.”
He continued: “I did not expect this from BJP because of its RSS background. Bengaluru  would have developed even without the BJP coming to power.”

About pensions for senior citizens, he said the government should also  create a support system for senior citizens.
Suresh Prabhu, 60, a coffee seller, said: “I will vote for Modi because I have not seen a leader with such a personality.”
Basavaraj Shettar, a businessman, said his father, who is a retired principal, believes the current government has got more international attention than any other government which is a matter of pride for the nation.
However, several senior citizens want financial support from the government.
M.B. Ramanujan, a 68-year-old fruit seller, said: “I don’t think  about politics  as I have other problems to think about, like financial problems. I think the youth have more to do with politics… as they are more ambitious and want to change the world.” He wishes for a better education system so that people don’t have to leave their families and country to pursue foreign education.

Laxmamma, 65, a fruit seller said she wants enough money to replace her tent with a concrete shop. 

At a press conference, IT minister Rajeev Chandrasekhar said: “BJP believes in Sabka Sath, Sabka Vikas. We never neglect any section of society. We will launch our manifesto on the first of May.”

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He further added: “ We are focusing on making  the lives of the elderly easier.”
AAP leader Sanchit Sawhney informed The Observer that unlike other parties, his party implements what it promises. He promised to get back when asked what his party has for senior citizens.

Devendra Rao, a Congress worker, said the party will release its manifesto for senior citizens on April 29.

Rajeev rakes up renovation of Kejriwal’s official residence

IT minister Rajeev Chandrasekhar on Friday accused AAP leaders of  leading a lavish lifestyle at the cost of the taxpayer. He referred to the Rs 45-crore renovation of  the official residence of  Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal.

AAP state general secretary Sanchit Sawhney said that it is not Arvind Kejriwal’s house but the Delhi chief minister’s house. What the CM is doing is not renovation but restructuring. Recently, Delhi’s lieutenant governor had spent Rs 15 crore to Rs 18 crore on renovating his house.

Yukta Mudgal
Trainee Journalist at IIJNM.

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