Parents, experts stress on the importance of sex education in schools

Bengaluru Education Safety

Basic sex ed is enough: Parents

Lack of sex education in schools worries parents and experts. However, conservatives have a different thought to worry.

B Basavaraj, a member of Vishva Hindu Parishad talked with The Observer about their views, “We are completely against sex education being introduced into cirrculam. We believe this will lead to more cases of assaults and molestations against women. Sex education would provoke young minds to have desires that are unhealthy and sinful.”

A Bhavani, a parent of an 8th standard girl voiced out the importance of sex education in schools, “Sex education has become very important these days. Being a parent of a girl child, my husband and I are constantly worried about her safety. Schools should teach their students the good and bad touch. Incidents of molestations and assaults are growing rapidly in our society. We should teach the basics, both parents and schools.”

S R Sita, a parent of two children said, “While we think that this generation knows everything and there’s no need to teach them about sex, I think it is important to teach our children the portrayal of sex in a right way and make them understand the consequences if they make a mistake. If they know what it is and why should they do it, they wouldn’t do anything to harm anyone.”

H M Bharathi, a teacher working in a Government School, Railway colony said, “We want to teach our children about sex and educate about them. But we have no space to incorporate it. Unless they issue notices to schools that sex education should be compulsory, we cannot do anything about it.”

Pooja Krishna, an education expert shared her views of this to The Observer, “Children and teenagers are very curious. They watch different visuals and want to try and feel certain things. If we try and teach them the basics of sex education, it’ll help them to understand the world. Incorporating this in the education curriculum will be a great solution.

Ranbir Singh, Joint Secretary and Regional Officer of Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) said, “CBSE has certain provisions that will cater to human behavior and nurture the students. Sex education is not added, but we cover few elements from it. There are very basic fundamentals that are taught in biology classes and we ask the teacher to sensitize the topic before teaching it.”

Dr Dolly Florence, a sociologist from Lady Irwin College, Delhi said, “There has to be a lot of awareness created among students from a tender age. Every school should have a mentoring committee and counsel the students about sex education. Normalizing sex education will make students more comfortable around their teachers. Also, parents should be consulted about how they want their children to be counseled about sex education.”

According to the report from NDTV, Condoms, contraceptives and a knife were among some of the things found during a recent search of students’ bags by a group of schools in Bengaluru, leaving authorities stumped and parents worried. The school authorities feel sex education as a subject in the curriculum is urgently needed.

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