Resumed after 2 years, underpass work gridlocks Muthyala Nagar

BBMP Bengaluru Railways

Locals ask : When will the Palike finish the work

Residents in Muthyala Nagar area, which is located in the north western part of Bengaluru are facing problems due to the railway underpass work.

Mahesh Babu, a factory worker, informed The Observer: “The work is now picking up its pace, otherwise for two years, the railway underpass work had completely come to a standstill. Nobody traveled through the lane due to the ongoing work, but it was just a few months back that the authorities started to notice. It is creating inconvenience for the residents living here. The concerned authorities should finish the work as soon as possible to avoid further problems.”

Venkoba Rao, an electrician, said: “I have been living in this area since my birth and issues related to this railway underpass work are nothing new.  It is just now that the BBMP and the railway body has woken up and have started to pick up the pace, otherwise the lane was in a complete mess.”

The residents explained that it has been three months since the railway underpass work has commenced. Sampath Kumar said: “Earlier, the lane was utilized for vehicles, but ever since the railway underpass work has started, it is doubtful when the work would get completed. The authorities may promise that the work shall be completed soon, but we want to know when will that ‘soon’ arrive.”

S Jayashankar, a resident, said: “It is only now that the South Western Railway and the BBMP has started to pay attention over this incomplete railway underpass work, otherwise they would not have bothered. Passing through this traffic is already a nightmare as it  keeps piling up regularly . Sometimes, the vehicles trip and fall,  thus increasing the problem.” He added: “What is the point of the BBMP or government bodies if they cannot do their work properly? It is good that now they have started to work on it, but the work should not have been left for a longer time. Already two buildings have been broken down and work is going on over there. All that can be done is hope that the work gets completed soon without further delay, otherwise there is no point in doing the work just when the elections are round the corner.”

Nanjuntha Swamy, an engineering student, said: “For two years, the work was stopped. We residents faced  major difficulty, especially during the rainy season, the water used to get accumulated within the underpass, causing constant waterlogging in the area. Now the situation has normalized, but still we residents cannot tolerate this ignorance for a long time. My family has also faced difficulties with regards to this underpass work. I have even observed huge traffic here. Although now they have started to work on it, the BBMP clearly needs to avoid giving promises and show their words through action.”

Rajat Thenuia, Assistant Divisional Engineer,  South Western Railway, said: The plan to build the railway underpass was to connect the south side entrances with the new BEL road through pedestrian walkways. Towards the appliance side, which is located towards the left, and that which helps connect the railway lines, the railways department has completed the work, but due to pandemic and rain, the underpass work had to be stopped. But I have spoken with the local MLA and he has been monitoring the work. At present, the BBMP is working over the gradient work, over which we have been in constant touch with them over the same.”

Mohammed Azmal Arif, Executive Engineer, East Division, BBMP, said: “In between due to the COVID situation and constant rainfall, the work at Muthyala Nagar railway underpass had to be stopped. A lot of buildings had to be demolished due to the ongoing work. Since I can’t tell as to when the work will be completed, notice shall be issued soon over the completion.”

The Muthyalanagar railway underpass may take time to get completed, but as the work is catching up the pace, the residents can only hope for the underpass to finish without further delays.


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