From the stomach to the heart


Mumbai’s famous restaurants are visited for their food and atmosphere.

Mumbai, the City of Dreams, has some great eateries. Every Mumbaikar you come across won’t hesitate to suggest his/her favourite restaurants. The hidden charm of these establishments is their history. A restaurant may be 60 or 100 years old, but people of all ages visit it.

Located next to the Plaza Cinema is the century-old famous Mama Kane eatery. Apart from a scrumptious misal pav, you are served some of the best Maharashtrian snacks: sabudana vada, thalipeeth, sheera and kothimbir vadi. The eatery also sells laddus made from besan and dink, a tree resin which is rich in nutrition. They have in-house drinks like kokum, aam panna, ginger lemon and amla, which are made from scratch and are included in their menu section called ‘Sheet Peye’ (cool drinks). Known to be an eatery fit for the common man, this 112-year-old place has people from all over the world visiting it.

Britannia and Company, founded by Boman Kohinoor, was located in the financial area of Fort. Known to be one of Mumbai’s most famous Irani restaurants, it closed after the death of its owner. People from across the globe would visit the place to gorge on dhansak, berry pulav, sali boti and other Parsi delicacies. They wouldn’t fail to order Pastonji’s Raspberry Soda. People like my father remember the kindness and hospitality of Kohinoor. People crave to hear stories about the restaurant, much loved by Mumbaikars.

One of the old-school bakeries that lie in the busy Cawasji Patel area is the famous Yazdani Bakery. It is close to my heart because of its amazing Irani tea and bun maska. When people visit Yazdani Bakery after a long day of work, they order tea and snacks. It is a good place to sit and observe people and their activities. People on the move dash in to buy bread or biscuits.

It is amazing to watch a person preparing litres of Irani tea in the kitchen, while his colleague runs bread through a huge slicing machine. One feels as if one has been transferred to the era when everything started. You are on your third glass of tea, but you don’t want to leave; such is the magical atmosphere in this bakery.

If you want to end your meal with an ice cream, don’t forget to visit K Rustoms at Marine Drive. One of the most favorite spots for eating ice cream sandwiches of different flavours, the place used to serve ice cream on beautiful glass and porcelain plates, but after the plates started to disappear, they started serving ice cream in what is known as “ice cream biscuits”.

Mumbai has several eateries that charm people with their food. But what makes diners visit them again and again are the memories of visiting them earlier. The places are truly special.


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