Slush-filled Carmelaram Road causes misery to residents

BBMP Bengaluru roads

Residents say BBMP, MLA have not acted on their complaints

Slush on Carmelaram Road is causing major inconvenience to residents. It has been in a bad condition for five months.

Biju Kunikannan, a shopkeeper in the area, informed The Observer that often people have injured themselves while travelling through the route. 

Yusuf Kunhimoosa, who has lived in that area for 15 years, said the condition of Carmelaram Road is at its worst. “…What is the point of complaining to the civic authorities when they themselves leave the area in a shoddy condition?” 

Since the installation of a GAIL pipeline, no official from BBMP has bothered to take a look at the bad condition of the road. “Now that the BBMP elections are coming, we will see action…. People like us will keep complaining to BBMP, but things are going to move at a slow pace,” he added. 

Murali Behra, a chef who lives in the area, said it is only after the installation of the GAIL pipeline that the problem started. 

Suprith N, an urban planner who lives in the area, said the pipe work has made it more difficult to walk or drive on the road. The BBMP is taking a long time to repair the road, with few workers on the job. 

“The authorities need to look into this issue and stop troubling residents once and for all, rather than lending a deaf ear to our continuous pleas to repair the road,” she added.

Narasimha B, a businessman, said the issue of Carmelaram Road was raised with the local MLA and BBMP, but no action was taken by either. Because of the slushy roads, children are unable to go to school, residents cannot walk properly, and vehicles can’t move smoothly.

“It is like inviting accidents to our doorstep. It has become difficult… to live here. Now as the BBMP election is approaching, we don’t know what the future holds for Carmelaram Road,” he added.

Prof. M.N. Sreehari, a road expert, said the condition of the road can lead to a loss of human life. Slushy roads are caused due to improper planning and not allocating enough money. BBMP’s inaction is nothing new. 

“Even after an instruction from the High Court, BBMP is not bothered. They may think that they are above the lord…. If the BBMP cannot do its job properly, then citizens need to take the matter in their own hands.”

  • Slush Roads at Carmelaram Road
  • The BBMP has assured the residents to complete the work by 15 December
  • Road construction work at Carmelaram Road

BBMP officials have promised that the work will be completed by December 15. 

Shivananda, assistant executive engineer, Mahadevapura division, BBMP, commented: “The road work at Carmelaram Road is still in progress.”  Repair was delayed because of rain. Once the work is over, the road will again be free for vehicles to ride.” 

According to Section 198A of the Motor Vehicles Act,1988, “failure to comply with the standards for construction and maintenance of roads would lead the authorities to impose a penalty.”


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