Homeopathy found an increase in takers during the pandemic

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Allopath says there is no proof it works

The popularity of homeopathic treatment has increased among the public post Covid-19.

Dr Jagdish K, a homeopathic practitioner, informed The Observer: “When people saw that even after vaccinations, Covid cases were abundant everywhere, and some cases were severe, it led to a loss of faith in allopathy and vaccinations.” This led to an increase in the number of people turning to homeopathy. In fact, during the pandemic, the ayush ministry suggested Arsenicum Album 30 for treatment, he said.  

Previously patients used to visit him only for the treatment of chronic health cases such as asthma or kidney problems, but now they have started coming for treatment of acute cases such as diarrhea and dysentery. He receives six or seven patients daily, he shared.

Homeopathic treatments are available for common illnesses such as cough and fever to even serious medical conditions such as cancer, he claimed. “Homeopathy works on the sole principal axiom that your natural body has an ability to combat foreign items; only you have to stimulate it. Homeopathy is that stimulus…. The medicines we use are mineral-based, vegetable-based, animal-based. Homeopaths have not made alterations to any of their medicines. This means whatever homeopathic medicines were available from the time of invention of homeopathy are used even now,” he said. 

New homeopathic medicines are coming out based on research. The Central Council of Homeopathy receives vast funding from the central government.

Dr Pritaranjan Banerjee, an allopathy doctor, said though homeopathy is mainly used to treat chronic health cases, there is no concrete scientific proof of its effectiveness. It is mainly used for cases such as cough and fever.

Asked whether people lost faith in allopathy during the coronavirus pandemic, he said that for viral diseases such as Covid-19, medical treatments are usually ineffective. Only a few allopathic antiviral medicines and vaccines are effective. “Viral diseases are usually very hard to treat, but this does not mean that homeopathic system of treatment is effective against Covid.”

Anjan Sengupta, a patient, informed that he uses homeopathic medicines only for mild health issues such as cough, fever and stomach ache.

Amrita Choudhury, another patient, said she uses homeopathy for only minor infections and mild pains. “Consuming allopathic tablets for the treatment of minor infections or mild pains can lead to side-effects. Which is why I use homeopathic medicines.”

Dilip Sahoo, another patient, said that he uses homeopathic medicines like Nux Vomica and Calcerea for mild seasonal fever and cough.

In India, homeopathy is believed to be the second most popular medical system after allopathy. 

The European Academies’ Science Advisory Council and the Russian Academy of Sciences have called homeopathy ineffective and recommended stopping of further funding for it. But India’s ayush ministry recognizes homeopathy as a scientific method of treating patients.



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