Travelling on Thubarahalli roads poses challenge for citizens

accidents BBMP Bengaluru City potholes roads

2 persons died in accidents there in October

Thubarahalli, a part of Bengaluru’s tech hub, has been facing traffic congestion and accidents, leaving commuters worried.

The Observer found many potholes on the way to Thubarahalli main road from the Baiyappanahalli Metro station. The presence of potholes leads to traffic jams during peak hours, making it risky for motorists to take sharp turns. It is equally dangerous for them at night. 

Construction on one side of the road has narrowed the road, making it difficult for pedestrians to walk.

Two road accidents in October that killed two people in the Whitefield police station limits have brought into focus the dangers commuters face.

Raju, an autorickshaw driver in Whitefield, said he finds it difficult to navigate the pothole-riddled and congested road. “Two-wheelers trying to overtake other vehicles in heavy traffic lead to most accidents; bad roads increase the risk.”

Smeha, a resident of Whitefield, informed The Observer: “Roads were reconstructed before rains. They do not even sustain for two or three months. It becomes difficult in rains.” The condition of the roads affects the balance and stability of two-wheelers and even cars.

“Pedestrians are also at risk of getting bumped by vehicles because of narrow roads and sharp turns,” Smeha added.

Rajesh, a resident who did not want to be named, said Whitefield, supposed to be one of the best areas of Bengaluru, suffers because of potholes and bad roads.

Shangnika, a student living near Whitefield said that despite the BBMP repairing the road, potholes always appear within two months of the repair. When it rains, potholes filled with water make travel even more difficult. 

Police constable Vittal Nandeppanavar shared with The Observer: “When we are on duty, we witness accidents because of potholes and traffic. citizens come to us and complain about potholes.

“Repairing potholes is not our job. We are only asked to click photos of bad roads and send them to the nearest police station so it can be sent ahead to BBMP.”

According to Prof. M.N. Sreehari, a traffic expert and adviser, said the absence of an effective and efficient mass transportation system has led to an increase in the number of vehicles. Sixty per cent of the city’s roads are still narrow, resulting in congestion.

Parking on roadsides and Metro construction have added to the mess. Roads are not constructed using sound scientific methods. A poor drainage system and accumulation of rainwater have increased the risk of accidents.  

To counter the problem, Sreehari said,public works should be completed fast. Officials should be made answerable and accountable. This will earn citizens’ confidence.


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