Some of Bengaluru’s skywalks are in urgent need of attention

BBMP Bengaluru

Emergency Nos. painted next to lifts are scraped

Lifts at Bengaluru’s skywalks do not seem to have received attention from people responsible for their upkeep. While some lifts are not operational, emergency numbers painted next to some have been partly erased.

Kishan Joshi, a security guard at a skywalk on Ballari Road, informed The Observer: “I have no idea who scraped those numbers, but there has not been a requirement to use those numbers. Often, people have dialled the numbers placed next to the lift, and the numbers have been responsive.”

Khairunisa Qadar, a school worker, has been using the lift at the skywalk, said: “There have been times when people have tried calling those numbers, but they have turned out to be unavailable. Tomorrow if the lift gets stuck, there is no guarantee that a security guard will be present at the site. Even if they are BBMP numbers and have been scraped, authorities need to ensure that there’s accessibility of those numbers at all times.”

Jayant Kumar, a retired person, said: “I have been frequently going by the Ballari Road skywalk and have never observed the numbers being painted next to the lift. For a senior citizen, it is a cause for concern since people would be wanting to travel by the lift.”

The Observer called the numbers painted next to the lift at the skywalk. Two of them were of the BBMP Control Room, while the other two were inaccessible.

The numbers painted next to the lifts at the KG Road skywalk are readable, the lifts are stuck. 

Abdul Rahman, a hawker selling goods next to the skywalk, said: “Ever since the floods occurred, the lifts have been inaccessible. The number has been painted inside the lift, but now that it is not working, nobody can access the lift or the number.”

Rafiq Khan, a bag seller, said: “I have been selling bags in this area for a long time. There was a security guard deployed, and people often used the lift, but since drunkards were creating a ruckus, the lift would be closed in the evening.”

The skywalk and the lift at Kasturba Road are unused for two years. 

Murugan R, a contract worker for a private agency who inspected the lift, said: “It has been three years since the skywalk was built. Often, people get stuck inside the lift. I am still trying to figure out what is making the lift run very slow. There is no security guard around, nor are there BBMP emergency numbers.”

Senthil Ramalingam, an employee at Mercedes Benz, observed: “The numbers at Kasturba Road were painted, but they have been removed due to unknown reasons. It has been three years since the lift has been left unrepaired. Neither have people traveled by the lift nor have they walked over the skywalk.”

Ujesh Kumar Yadav and Arpit Singh, students at Allen’s Career Institute, shared that they have been using the lift at the Ballari Road skywalk regularly, but have never noticed the numbers painted next to the lifts. “We take the elevator for our convenience. A security guard is present during the day, but we have never noticed the numbers next to the lift.”

Balakrishna Shetty, BBMP Assistant Engineer, Traffic Engineering Cell, said that the lifts at the skywalks are owned and operated by private companies, not BBMP.  “In times of need, the BBMP Control Room has always come to the aid of the public. Maintenance is required, (and) I will look into the matter closely.”

Three BBMP skywalks are under construction and there are more to come. “We will ensure that a security guard is posted. In case of emergencies, we shall place the contacts for better accessibility.”

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