Stormwater drain construction delayed, BBMP fails to fulfill its promise

BBMP Bengaluru Governance

Bescom cables displaced by Palike’s  pipeline

The BBMP has failed to keep its promise of completing the construction of stormwater drain near Ecospace,Bellandur,which it had started in the first week of September.

The construction of the 300-metre-long stormwater drain construction, planned to avoid flooding of the Ecospace road,was supposed to be completed by the second week of September.The road was flooded a few weeks ago following heavy rain.

Subramanyam YS, a supervisor with Daman and Co, the contractor executing the project,informed The Observer on September 28: “As we didn’t receive enough equipment in time, the construction was delayed. Ninety per cent of the construction is completed.It will take two more days to complete it.”

The installation of a pipeline has displaced Bescom cables,making the situation worse.

“The situation has become clumsy as most of our cable wires were accumulated at the place where the pipelines were planned to be installed. It will take a few more days to remove and rearrange all those electrical wires,” said Mohan, a Bescom employee.

SudarshanC.G.,a junior engineer  with KPTC,said on September 22: “The plan was to complete it earlier this week. It is delayed due to various reasons. We have completed 90 per cent of the construction. We have installed the pipelines and we can say that we will complete the construction in 3 to 4 days.”

Material is yet to arrive for the stormwater drain construction there by delaying the process

Workers at the site said construction is done non-stop from morning to night.

Ramanna, one of the workers,shared: “We workhard from morning to evening,directed by the engineer. We have not received equipment in time. That  is causing the delay.”

But the reality is completely different. On September 28,The Observer was informed that the construction was still under way and more than 30 per cent of the work was pending.

Raja, a security guardat Ecospace, said: “The construction started more than 15 days ago.  Earlier, they said the construction would be completed within a week, but it’s not. I think it will still take at least 3 to 4 days for the construction to be completed.”

A few employees of Ecospace who did not want to be named said the construction is taking  more time than allotted. The footpath nearby is getting disturbed.

Rachappa Patel, a traffic constable, said: “It has become harder to control traffic as the construction has occupied 30 per cent of the road. It’s harder in the peak hours. The construction looks like it will still take some more time to be completed.”

According to an article published by Citizen Matters, a CAG report of 2021 revealed,  Bengaluru does not have  a complete map or database of its stormwater drain network.Drains

are mapped in two master plans – the Revised Master Plan (RMP 2015) by the BDA and the BBMP’s master plan of drains. The former does not indicate the type of drain (primary/secondary/tertiary), and the latter does not include tertiary/roadside drains at all. Neitherplan has marked buffer zones around drains; and many drains are missing in either document or both.

The BBMP’s SWD Department is responsible for maintaining drains and preventing floods. Lack of data on drains shows  the city’s drainage network can’t be properly assessed or improved.

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