Social media influence the eating habits of young people

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Most people do not notice the impact

social media has a huge impact on the lifestyle and eating habits of young people.

People tend to overlook the huge impact of social media on the lifestyle and eating habits of young people.

According to Statista, over 4.26 billion people used social media worldwide in 2021. That number is estimated to increase to 6 billion in 2027.

Dr Anurag Sharma, a nutritionist, explained to The Observer: “A diet that contains all nutrients and minerals is known as a balanced diet.  If a person does not maintain a proper diet, they can suffer from nutrition deficiency.”

 According to a study by the Rochester Institute of Technology, many people have their meals browsing social media. This problem affects every age group.

Neelu Saxena, mother of a 10-year-old girl, struggles with the same problem. “Yashi gets so involved in watching videos on YouTube that she often forgets that there is food kept in front of her,” she informed The Observer.

According to The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, when people eat unattentively, they often end up ingesting more.

Akshita Singh, a 17-year-old who is accustomed to having eating while scrolling, takes 20 minutes to complete a meal.

Riddhi Dixit, a 15-year-old student, informed The Observer she has a habit of watching YouTube videos while having her meals. It takes her about 15 minutes to finish a meal.

According to a study, social media results in lower self-esteem among girls in the 10-14 age group.

Himanshi Solanki, a psychology student, observed: “Low self-esteem is an outcome of social media. It has created a standard of beauty which everyone wants to achieve. Little do they realise that the outcome they are seeking to achieve can be nothing but mere filters. This thereby leads to eating disorders as they try to lose weight desperately to fit into the standard beauty frame.”

With the increase in social media usage, there has also been an advancement in marketing strategy. According to research conducted in 2016, advertisements not only affect our purchasing behaviour but also change our perception.

Riya Agarwal, a social media marketer, explained: “Food marketing is marketing that aims at the promotion of food products and beverages.  The main motive behind using food advertisements is to attract consumers by ensuring that the product is helpful for them.”

Shivani Mishra, mother of a five-year-old boy, explained that her son influences her to purchase food items that he watches in advertisements.


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