Final-year UG students left with limited options for higher studies

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Pandemic and Bangalore University delay have led to many dropouts

Undergraduate students of Bangalore University’s batch of 2019-2022 are left with limited options for their post-graduation and higher studies as their final exams are scheduled in September. Most private colleges in Bengaluru have closed admissions for their 2022-2024 post-graduate courses. 

Students who had plans to  pursue their post-graduate programs in private institutions and abroad have to cut down their plans for this year as they are yet to complete their final exams.  Sixth-semester exams for the undergraduate students, from September-end, will get over by October-end. Usually, these exams end by June. 

With private universities and colleges closing their admissions, the students will have to stick to government colleges.

Uthpalla, a final-year BBA student from New Horizon College, informed The Observer: “I am planning to write PGCET for my MBA program. The delay in our university exam has impacted a lot of us for our post-graduate studies. Most of my friends are planning to drop out this year as they can’t get into the private colleges. We think Bangalore University should have done better planning on completing our courses on time.”

Sowmya, a final-year student said:  “I want to do MBA via correspondence, but I am not sure if admissions will still be open by the time I complete my under-graduate final exam. I don’t know if I will get a seat or not. There is too much of a  delay from their end. Most of us don’t know about the admissions being closed in private colleges. There is… fear.. among students.”

Venkatesh, a final-year degree student, faces a similar dilemma. “Because of this delay, I can’t decide whether to choose post-graduate studies or not, because what if I can’t get into a good college through PGCET. Everything is in a mess,” he said.

A student from Shrusti Degree College said: “I was really not aware about private college admissions being closed in most colleges. None of our professors reported the same. I was planning to do a course via correspondence. I don’t know if I can get into private colleges. I think most of us might need to drop out and wait for next year.”

A parent of a final-year degree student observed, “Most parents don’t know much about the situation. We know that the pandemic has impacted the education system, but here it is the question of students and their lives.” Students should not suffer any more. Universities need to work harder.

Dr Jayakar SA, Vice-Chancellor of Bengaluru University, Jnana Bharathi campus, said they can’t compromise on the syllabus and the stimulated period for the sake of completing the semester early. “We are trying our best to complete the semester. We will see what we can do as a university for students who want to join other universities and private colleges. We shall discuss this after the exams are done,” he said.

CN Sridhar, Registrar of Bengaluru City University, said: “The  pandemic has affected the education sector completely. Because of the recent student demands, we had to postpone the exams. Since it is a concern for many students and parents, we are trying to make swift decisions. The effect of the pandemic may have been huge, but universities will take time to slowly fall back into normalcy. All universities in Karnataka are in the same boat currently. ”

Dr  Jayakar added: “We have already started classes for first year UG under the NEP (National Education Policy) so that they will not face any similar issues. We will announce the results of the current sixth semester once the exams are done.”  

Mohan, a professor from Government First Grade College, Yelahanka, said: “It is agreed upon that students are going to get affected due to this delay. We hoped for the university to bring out alternatives, but due to the pandemic, we became helpless. We hope that the universities take steps to see that no student drops out from getting higher education.”

After recovering from the pandemic, universities have started admissions for first-year degree courses. They are also hoping that gradually things will fall in line.


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