Water cuts put Bengalureans in distress


We have been facing a water problem for the last 22 years, say residents

Areas under Cauvery water supply scheme face a water cut today. The cut follows an emergency shutdown of the Cauvery water supply treatment plant and the pumping stations at TK Halli and Tatagun.

The water supply was disrupted from 3 a.m. to 9 p.m. The disruptions affected people living in areas like Banashankari, Lal Baagh road, MG Road, Cubbon Park , Gandhi Nagar and others.

Amid supply disruptions, many people weren’t able to afford expensive tankers for carrying out daily household activities.

Mangla K., a resident from Banashankari, said: “I use Cauvery water for everything. Now, it’s very tough since the water supply has stopped. Earlier the tanker was for 800 rupees. Now it has increased to 1000. I cannot afford it. It’s getting tough to manage.”

The disruption also made it difficult for the residents to store water, told City Cast and Soft Copy, sister publications of The Observer.

Mariyamma from Banashankari, said: “This is happening for the very first time. I don’t know when  the water supply will come back. Although, we did store it after  hearing people talk about the cut. However, it is very tough to manage. We cannot keep doing it.”

Jai Krishna, a Cubbon Park resident  informed The Observer that the situation isn’t new  to them. “We have been facing a water problem for the last 22 years. Public representatives give us false assurances that everything will be alright. We have to somehow manage,” he said.

Rhea Sharma, another resident from the Cubbon Park,  said with frustation: “We had to fill up buckets last night to use them today. Even then, we are utilizing water cautiously as there’ll be a disruption till 9 p.m. today.”

Bangalore water supply and sewage board (BWSSB) claimed that maintenance work is the reason behind water supply disruptions. They said there is no alternative arrangement and that the repair work is  still going on.

Ramesh S V, Chief Engineer, BWSSB, explained the need for maintenance. “Our pumps are running  all day and all night. That’s why we need some repair work. Every day, we are pumping 1,500 ml of water. Today there is a water scarcity of 130-140 ml. Our pipeline is supplying water in bulk  acrossthe city. We are not in a position to provide an alternative arrangement,” he said.

He further said that the tankers have been supplying water to the residents. Residents however, denied the availability of any such arrangements.

Experts talked about water supply problems in the city.

Raghavendra B, activist, working for water rights Action Aid, said: “People downstream have right to have water like us. You cannot be extending any other pipelines. Four pipelines are already being laid. Still we are thirsty in Bangalore. At least 135 litres of water should be provided every/ per day. But presently the government is able to provide only 55 litres per day. All of a sudden if these things happen without a notice, it will force people to drink dirty water, which will eventually spread more diseases. The government  mustlook after the situation and provide an alternative, particularly for people living in the slums.”



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