Social Distancing norms flouted at KSR Railway Station testing centre

BBMP Bengaluru City COVID-19 Health Safety

Not every passenger arriving at KSR is getting tested at the station

Of all the passengers arriving at the KSR railway station, only some are getting tested.

Umashankar P, one of the in-charge responsible for the testing informed The Observer: “We do everybody’s testing. Does not matter from where they come outside of Bengaluru or from Bengaluru”

Mishka and Devik Jaisingh, a couple coming from Hyderabad who got tested said they were happy to get tested. “Testing should be done. But I saw not everyone is getting tested.”

Manoj and Lalita Saru, migrant workers did not get their test done. “They wrote our names but did not take the test. We also didn’t do it,” Manoj said. 

The Observer noted that both Manoj and Lalita, weren’t wearing their masks. At one of the entrance, a team was busy conducting Covid test on 5-6 police officials. During that hour, most travelers managed to escape without testing.

Dr. Manoranjan Hegde,   Health officer in charge of BBMP South West zone informed The Observer: “We are doing rigourous testing. Till now, we haven’t got anyone testing positive.”

On asking about the report results, he said: “In 24-36 hours you’ll get the report through SMS”

When asked about the protocols if someone tests positive for Omicron, he said: “If someone is tested Covid positive, concerned officials will be informed and the individual will be home isolated. If the individual is tested with the Omicron variant, we have to ask the higher authorities for necessary actions.”

Two cases of the Omicron variant of Covid-19got registered in Karnataka on December 2. 

K Sudhakar, the State Health Minister, has held a virtual meeting with top medical and health professionals of the state today, November 3.


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