OTT going over the top for big production houses

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Bollywood content deteriorating say Bengaluru audience

Bengalureans claim OTT has become the podium for low-quality films and shows. 

Raghav Chandra, a movie buff, told The Observer: “OTT platforms are a good way to pass one’s time. I watch a whole lot of movies and shows on Netflix. But lately, I have been noticing that the quality of Bollywood content on the platform has been deteriorating. For instance, a movie I watched recently, Meenakshi Sundareshwara. The movie had no logic. It had such a bad ending but still it was trending on Netflix India. I watched it just because it was one of the top ten trending movies on Netflix. The movie was a waste of time though.”

Ritika Singhal, another keen watcher of OTT platforms said: “Shows like the fabulous lives of bollywood wives dote the platform. It has a great deal of good content too but I believe that a lot of movies and shows don’t deserve to be on the platform. Some shows are dragged on unnecessarily. There are series which are boring to watch. Nobody needs them.”

According to Amisha Patel, big companies and production houses use these platforms to dump their poor quality content. “They get a good prize by manoeuvring the OTT platforms. Most movies and shows today lack substance. Some are exceptions like Scam 1992. I guess they favor big players to get more subscribers. Who doesn’t want that in face of stiff competition. But new talent and fresh faces should be given an equal opportunity to thrive on OTT,” said Amisha.

Some subscribers like Kowshik Sharma, oppose the claims. “I love Amazon Prime, all shows are of good quality.”

Mr. Manjeet Singh, managing director of Cinestaan Film Company, a production house explained how every producer and media house wants a big platform for their work. “We’re all in it to earn. Some films do well, some don’t. That’s part of the process. One cannot call every movie a dump. It could be someone’s best work according to them.”

Nevertheless, people still enjoy watching the ever-new content offered by these platforms. 

Kshitij Bansal, a movie critic, said: “I am a big time movie addict. I do find some redundant movies and shows on these platforms but people still watch them. They are still trending. So, what’s the harm? Maybe some people do like them.”

Small OTT platforms struggle for survival in the highly competitive space.

MUBI, a small OTT platform revealed: “We try to promote the best work, the most deserving talent. We cannot invest good money like the big platforms, but we do try to our best to keep the audience content.

Nikhil Pramar, a Netflix employee, on being contacted by The Observer said he couldn’t comment on the topic.

Nawazuddin Siddiqui, who is known for his power-packed performances in shows like Sacred Games, recently quitdigital platforms. During an interview, the actor said that OTT platforms have become a ‘dhanda (racket) for big production houses’. He called the online platforms ‘a dumping ground for redundant shows’.


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