KSR demands abolishment of Anti Corruption Bureau

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Says Lokayukta needs to be strengthened in Karnataka 

Karnataka Rashtra Samithi (KSR) Party staged a protest against the Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB) and demanded its scrappage, and strengthening of Lokayukta on Friday at Mourya Circle, Bengaluru.

.Deepak CN, the General Secretary of KRS party, told The Observer: “ACB is not doing enough. It is not sufficient for a corruption-free society. Today, Karnataka is among the topmost corrupt states in India. What does it say about the situation?”

He  said that people are suffering because of the rampant corruption in the state. “In every single government office, people can only get their work done either if they are authoritative or if they are willing to pay money”, he added further.

Samaj Parivartana Samudaya, a non-profit organization in Karnataka, had filed a petition against ACB in Karnataka High Court, but no action has been taken..

A protester said: “There needs to be a stronger Anti Corruption Body at work. We want honest policies; we want free and fair elections. We want the former power of lokayukta to be restored.”

 The KSR party  is unhappy with the way ACB is functioning currently. Indira Reddy, Kolar district president of KSR, said. “They (ACB) are taking away the rights of the people. That is why we want the powers of ACB to be scrapped.”

Deepak CN also said: “Ever since the ACB gained power back in 2016, 4 ADGPs, 4 IGPs, and 7 SPs of Bangalore Urban district have been transferred… How do you expect a free and fair investigation and bookings when the officers in charge are a part of this corrupt system? ACB is controlled by the government. If you want to book an FIR against some government official, you will have to go through the government itself. This will not do.”

 Their demands included restoration of Lokayukta’s power or establishment of an independent body in ACB’s place.

Justice P. Vishwanath Shetty, the Karnataka Lokayukta,  shared: “Taking away  it’s power is totally wrong and unsustainable. That is our stand. The Lokayukta police have complete freedom. They are also protected by the Lokayukta so no one can interfere with the investigative process. That is why it’s always safe to have the power within.” 

 On the future of this protest, the General Secretary of KRS said: “It is a long process. We were planning a protest on December 16 in Belagavi since the winter session of Karnataka State Legislature will be held there. But because of the  increasing covid cases, we had to cancel the protest. But we will keep promoting our cause through seminars and other ways.”

In 2016, the investigative powers of Lokayukta were transferred to the ACB by former Chief Minister of the state, Siddaramaiah. CM Basvaraj Bommai had promised that ACB will be  eliminated and Lokayukta will be  reinforced once he comes  to power. However, there hasn’t been any action taken against ACB. 



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