Despite Omicron, Bengalureans are not following Covid protocols

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Citizens say govt must take action to avert 3rd wave

People in Bengaluru continue to flout Covid rules despite the emergence of the Omicron variant.

Sneha S, a Metro commuter, informed The Observer: I travel by Metro regularly and I can say this new variant has no effect on people as of now. Most of them are not following Covid protocols. They rush into filled Metros instead of waiting for the next one.” The government should take action in order to prevent the variant from spreading.

Another commuter, Chaithi S.P, said: “There is no need to panic as two waves are over, but people should follow Covid-appropriate behaviour as much as possible.”

Sudhiksha N, a student , said checks on Metro stations have increased since last week in view of rising cases.Commuters are constantly directed to follow Covid-appropriate behaviour.

The superintendent of the Kempegowda Metro station said they  try to maintain social distancing as much  as possible. Most of the time they have to tell  people to follow Covid protocols.

The Observer went to many places in the city and found people flouting Covid rules. Masks were hanging at the chin and people were brushing against each other. The situation at  malls was no different. People wore masks but nobody maintained social distancing.

K.R. Market was flooded with people when The Observer reached there. Hardly anyone wore masks properly, leave alone following social distancing.

Contrary to this,  one of the vendors at KR Market, Ghouse Pasha, claimed all the people there follow Covid norms. He even had figures to cite: ‘’80 percent out of 100 percent’.

Most of the pubs in the city have organized events. ‘Friday Night’ at Chugg Bar one Church Street and ‘Sunday Blowout’ at Hangover, Koramangala, are two of them. Both are fully booked.

Dr Praveen Kumar, Medical Superintendent at Raja Rajeshwari Medical Institute and Hospital, said: “We will be able to control it unlike what is projected in the media. If it is detected, then I won’t say that we will  be able to stop it from penetrating in the country, but we will be able to contain it by following Covid-appropriate behaviour.’’ He believes they will be able to handle the situation much better than during the second Covid wave.


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