Staycation a new trend among Bengalureans

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It’s a safe home away from home they say

Bengaluru residents prefer staycation over planned long-distance travel.

Presha Malhotra, a Bengaluru resident, on being contacted by The Observer, said: “I prefer staycations because they are an easy way to travel, take a break without straying too far from home. It is like a safe home away from home with great view and good food.”

It is a pocket-friendly way to travel.

Another resident, Raunak Sharma said: “Staycations are cheaper, they aid my pocket. I don’t have to worry about the transportation costs as I can take my own car. A one- two day staycation is 

enough for me. I don’t end up missing my work days and am spared of work load.”

The pandemic has also played a major role in this shift of attitude

Tanya Sharma, who loves to travel, shared: “I like exploring new places. I have also made a bucket list of all the places I would like to visit. But lately, due to the ongoing pandemic, I prefer travelling safe. I visit different hotels and resorts in the city, enjoy different views and relax for a few days. This gives me the much needed break I require.

Hotels and Resorts in the city have been encouraging staycations.

Dheeraj Mehta, the manager of Lords Eco Inn Jayanagar, said: “Yes, people enjoy the local area and simply staying at a place. It was a lesser known concept before but gradually, it has been gaining some credence . It benefits the environment as well.”

Le Roma Gardenia, a hospitality service in Bangalore have a space on their Instagram page dedicated to people’s staycation stories. On being questioned by The Observer on the samethey agreed that more people are preferring staycation over long-distance travel. 

The trend is slowly becoming popular among the masses.

Ragavendra Prasad, the General Manager of Comfort Inn Insys, a four star business hotel in Bengaluru, said: “We entertain various industrial people from different parts of Karnataka. There sure has been a shift in the way people plan their holidays. Now, people favour in-city travel.”

Major travel agencies in the city are observant of the new normal. 

Srinath Aditya, Manager of Airone Travel Solutions Pvt. Ltd., a travel agency in Bangalore, informed  The Observer: “Everyone is travelling domestic because of the pandemic.”

However, not all firms agree to this.

Ashish Kumar, Managing Director of Guide my Trips, said: “People go wherever they wanna go. 70 percent people like to enjoy. Nobody follows the protocol.”

Niva Vari, a travel blogger by profession, has been on several staycations in the recent days. She exclaimed: “Staycations have seen a jump.” 

“I would also look for a more calming vacation rather than an adventurous day out,” she added.

Bachelors have a different view of the entire concept.

Jithin Davis,  a travel blogger who loves to be a part of new adventures, shared while laughing: “If you’re a bachelor, all trips will be cheap for you. My plan is to first cover entire India and then move abroad because India has many hidden jewels worth visiting. Due to blogging many people from other states get to know us and they are the people who help us in visiting local places.”

With countries, and even States sealing borders, and with compulsory post-travel quarantines, staycation is one of the biggest holiday trends currently. 
In the U.S too, Hotels and resorts are counting on staycationers to keep them afloat. In Canada, Ottawa mayor Jim Watson encouraged the residents to consider a “staycation” to support local businesses and kick-start the tourism economy.


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