Long neglected road relaid for PM Modi’s visit in 4 days

BBMP Bengaluru City Event Governance

However, nearby roads still riddled with potholes

Within four days, the road stretching from Nagarbhavi Circle to Vrishabhavati Canal Bridge has become unrecognizable. Evenly coated with asphalt, the road looks new and untrodden. The reason: Prime Minister Narendra Modi will visit Bangalore University’s campus on December 6.

Residents say the road was riddled with potholes just a few days ago. 

Yogesh S.N., who owns a refreshment stall at Nagarbhavi junction, informed The Observer: “For the past one or two years, the road was in a bad condition, but no one took any action. But they started construction about three days ago, and it has already  been fully fixed and relaid.”

Modi will inaugurate B.R. Ambedkar School of Economics on the Jnanabharati campus on December 6.

Rajesh Patil, a guard at the National Law School of India, Nagarbhavi, said: “It hasn’t even been four days since they started construction, and it is already looking so even and smooth. Just a few days ago, the road was filled with pits and bumps. But it’s good for us. Because of Modi’s visit, at least they are taking some action.”

However, residents and shopkeepers in the area are not ecstatic about the Prime Minister’s visit. 

Deepak K, a resident of the area, said: “It does not make much difference. Everything will be in order for a few days while he is here, but go back to the usual soon. If the PM is coming to this area, it is expected that there will be a large number of police and security officers as well. It will be bothersome for people and vendors in this area.”

When The Observer tried to contact the university about details of the inauguration by the Prime Minister, they refused to share any information.

Contract labourers working on the roads said just five days ago, they were given an order to relay the road within 10 days.

Few broken patches of sidewalks could still be seen with just five days left for the PM’s visit

Though the road has been black-coated properly, there are still a few broken patches on  the sidewalk. The Observer noticed that the nearby roads like Mysuru Road are still full of potholes.



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