We are confident of fighting a third Covid wave, say hospitals

BBMP City COVID-19 Health

But lack clarity on how to treat Omicron variant

In the wake of an increasing number of Covid cases in the state,hospitals in Bengaluru are confident of handling Covid-19 better than before if a third wave comes.

Dr Dakshinamurti , a resident medical officer at Chinmaya Mission Hospital, informedThe Observer: “Most…hospitals are ready for a third wave. We have arrangements and will be creating more facilities for it.We are not very sure about the new variant. A lot of study is required….”

If Omicron, the new Covid variant, spreads in Karnataka, they would follow the same treatment protocol as now.

Most hospitals  have  Covid patients with mild symptoms.

DrPraveen Kumar, medical superintendent at Raja Rajeshwari Medical Institute and Hospital, said: “We will be able to control it unlike what is projected in media.If symptoms are  detected, then I won’t say that we will be able to stopit from spreading,  but we would be able to contain it by following Covid-appropriate behaviour.’’

About the new variant, he said:“Anything can be said about the new variant only when any such cases would come to the country and treatment is tried out on them.’’ He believesthey would be able to handle the situation in a much better way than during the second wave.

The Karnataka government has asked the Centre to ban flights coming from South Africa, Botswana and HongKong, as the new variant has hit these countries.

With Covid clusters being found in educational institutions in the state, the Karnataka health department has asked such  institutions to set up or find Covid care centres for infected  people. These guidelines came after two South African citizens tested positive for Covid-19.They were infected with the Delta variant, according to a statement made by the Bengaluru Rural health commissioner.

 The Observer noticed that most people in the city are not following  Covid-appropriate behaviours.Masks slipping to the chin and people brushing against each other are a very common sight.

Jagdish B.S., who works in BMTC, said, “Testing at the airport should be increased.The government is taking good decisions as if now, but people also should be following protocols.”

Many want the government to ban flights from high-risk nations.

Lakshmi S, a computer trainer, said people have gone back to their normal lives.The fear of another wave is worrying her. “ As per reports, it is very dangerous  and there are a lot of rumours going around,”  she added.

The Karnataka Health Department told The Observer that “it is too early to comment” regarding the current situation..

The state government came up with fresh guidelines after CM Bommai called an emergency meeting on Saturday.The per-day testing has to be raised to 80,000 from 60,000.RT-PCR testing has been made compulsory for people coming from Maharashtra and Kerela.

Authorities at both Kempegowda International Airport and Kempegowda bus station, however, saidthey haven’t received any latest guidelines from the state government.



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