Law students, along with NSUI, protest against University’s authorities

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Delay in academic year, uncertainty about exams and result among the major concerns of the students

National Students’ Union of India (NSUI), along with the students of Karnataka State Law University staged a protest at Maurya Circle on Monday to express their discontent regarding issues affecting the student community.

The protest started at around 11:30 am on Monday with as much as 150 to 200 students present.

Manish G. Raj, the state general secretary of NSUI, Karnataka, told The Observer: “The main intent of the protestors and the organizers is to show our discontent against the misconduct of the university (KSLU). They have extended their academic term for more than 16 months, they have delayed the examinations… Students are facing a backlog in terms of examinations and results. The ones who have completed their final year are also not able to get jobs or admission in PG colleges because of impending repeaters exams.”

Students were agitated as the university has not provided them a minimum 21 days notice prior to the exams, as is mandated by the UGC guidelines.

Varun Kumar, a law student at St. Joseph College and a student activist, said: “With only a few days left, now they’re telling us that the examinations will begin from December 6. There are students from Kerala, Maharashtra and all other states. They will have to come here and look for accommodation even though there is no surety if the offline classes will continue after the exams… We want our academic year to be completed on time. We want our exams to be conducted on time… we are the ones who protect the law but even we are not treated fairly”

Students were concerned about their careers and future. Shree Vaishnavi, a student of BMS college of Law expressed her discontent: “Our entire academic year is being wasted. This 5 year degree has become a 6 year degree now. We have to make this protest count because the university has to understand that our jobs and internships are on the line.”

Protestors demanded the UGC guidelines to be strictly followed by the university. “We have given our internal examinations. Why can’t they evaluate our semester on the basis of that as per the 50-50 assessment guideline by UGC? If they are taking the examinations, atleast give us a proper prior notice,” Ranganath DJ, a student from CBR national College, said. 

Private law colleges have already promoted their students.

The protesters also demanded Ishwara Bhat, the Vice Chancellor of KSLU to resign.

Prakash GC, the sub-inspector at high grounds police station, said: “The protest is unlikely to get violent. They are just students protesting for their law exams. We are here to make sure that the covid norms are being followed”

The protestors will be meeting the Chief Minister Basvaraj Bommai, Governor Thawar Chand Gehlot, and Madhava Swami, the law minister at Rajbhavan to put forward their demands.


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