Bengaluru colleges lack formal programmes to train teachers

Bengaluru City

We understand the need to have them: Authorities

Colleges in Bengaluru lack relevant teacher training programs, but aren’t planning to incorporate them any time soon.

Dr H. Prakash, principal of Maharani Arts, Commerce and Management College for Women, informed The Observer: “We don’t have a teacher training programme… However, we do offer our staff a crash course in academics after they get selected.”

But he acknowledged that teachers need to be given proper training. “I believe it is extremely crucial to impart in-service training to teachers.  There needs to be constant upgrade in their skills and capabilities. Capacity building is the key. The young generation today seems to possess immense knowledge. Teachers need to stand up to that,” he shared.

Teachers seemed eager to address the topic of teacher training.

Prof. H. Nagaraj, who teaches English at Maharani College, shared: “I am ready to participate in any workshop or programme that benefits the college as well as the students. But the implementation is not in our hands, it’s the responsibility of the chairman and the principal.”

Dr Charmaine Jerome, Vice Principal of Mount Carmel College, said: “We hold an induction program for teachers before they begin their work. They are made cognisant of their surroundings as they join the institute. There is also an orientation at the start of each year. Nothing else.”

However, a teacher from the same college had a different opinion.

Dr Savitha M. Murthy, an associate professor in the department of botany, said: “We have a faculty development program at our college. The administration will be able to tell you more about it. Please ask them.”

Students The Observer spoke with said a teacher training programme is essential.

Presha Malhotra, a student said: “My college doesn’t have a teacher training programme. I’m afraid that’s the scene with most colleges across the country. A teacher may have immense knowledge but zero experience on how to handle a classroom and promote integrated development.”

Another student, Raunak Sharma, said: “Teachers should be trained in how to handle different situations in a classroom. They shouldn’t carry a notion that each student has the same intellect, and should provide extra aid to students who have a hard time grasping new concepts. The one-size-fits-all approach should be reprimanded.”

Countries like the US, Finland and Sweden are seeking to improve their education systems by investing in teacher learning. In Scandinavia, teachers receive two to three years of graduate-level preparation at the government’s expense.  Many US teachers have received most of their professional development learning at workshops.


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