Movie theatres follow norms, movie lovers happy

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Opening movie theatres with 100 percent occupancy might have created apprehensions but they seem to be doing their best to maintain Covid guidelines and follow the state government’s directives. 

Rajesh Kumar (name changed), a manager at INOX, Jayanagar, informed The Observer: “We are happy that the government allowed theatres to run with full capacity. In return, we have taken care that all the Covid guidelines are followed. We disinfect the auditorium before and after a show. No two people are allowed to sit together. Social distancing circles are made at the premises so that social distancing is followed.”

The Observer noticed people using sanitizers placed at different locations. They were patiently listening to the instructions given by the staff on maintaining social distancing.

An employee of PVR Cinemas located in The Forum Mall, Koramangala, said: “We ask for a vaccination certificate while booking tickets. However, it’s not possible if a person books online. Even while giving entry, we ask people to show us their vaccination certificates. Wearing masks is compulsory. During the interval, we send our staff to the auditorium to take orders to avoid crowding.” 

He further explained: “Weekends are a little tough for us. We need to work extra hard in order to maintain all Covid guidelines.”

Staffs at the gate were seen asking for vaccine certificates. People waiting to go inside were standing at a distance from each other and wearing masks. Theatre employees often showed up between shows to ask people to wear masks.

The Observer interviewed peopleat the theatre. Bhargavee Inguva shared: “Initially, I was a bit nervous about going out for a movie, but when I came here, I was happy to see the situation. The cleaning staff was continuously mopping the floor. Vaccination certificates were being seen. The staff declined a person from entering when he was unable to produce his vaccination certificate.”

Kadapagunta Sandhya, another visitor, said: “It’s not always possible to maintain social distancing and follow Covid guidelines, but I appreciate the staff who tried to make sure that people follow guidelines. They checked out people wearing masks, and had a QR code scanner.”

Askedabout the impact on the health of people who have started visiting cinemas and other public places, Dr Anil Roy, a medical practitioner, said: “Going out is fine, but one should carry sanitizer and wear a face mask. Even after getting vaccinated, one should maintain social distancing and practise habits like meditation, exercise, eating healthy and (maintaining) hygiene.”

A report published in Deccan Herald said Covid-19 experts sense that a third Covid-19 wave is unlikely due to increased sero-prevalence and speedy vaccination.


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