Confusion prevails over Aug 30 quarantine order

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Those from Kerala must stay home, say agencies

Confusion prevails over an August 30 order issued by the Karnataka government regarding institutional quarantine for people arriving from Kerala.

The KSRTC, the railways and the Kempegowda International Airport do not have information regarding the order mandating a seven-day mandatory institutional quarantine. A home quarantine or a negative RT-PCR report is enough, they said.

“Home quarantine is enough or you can contact your college to ask their requirements,” an official from the airport, informed The Observer.

A commercial controller at the Mysuru Junction railway station said: “No, there is no need for quarantine. You only need to provide an RT-PCR negative report on arrival.” Asked about the government order, he said, “There is absolutely no quarantine requirement for people arriving from Kerala, and no one has been quarantined till now. You can go home after showing your RT-PCR negative report.”

An official at KSRTC said: “You have to do home quarantine. Please contact the BBMP if you want more information.” The official also said that there was no particular mention of mandatory institutional quarantine for students and employees.

The Karnataka government on August 30 had made institutional quarantine mandatory for all students and employees coming to Karnataka from Kerala. On arrival, they have to produce an RT-PCR negative report not older than 72 hours. On completing the seven-day quarantine, these travellers would again have to undergo an RT-PCR test.

The decision had been taken because students and employees arriving in Karnataka from Kerala, though bringing negative RT-PCR reports, were testing positive during repeat tests. The number of such cases is considerably high in Dakshina Kannada and Udupi districts, according to the Karnataka government’s official website.

It will be the responsibility of the district administration to ensure that the instructions are strictly complied, the August 30 order said. The travellers are to be kept at a separate facility at the place of their arrival. Arrangements for their stay have to be made by their college or employer.

However, these guidelines are not being followed.There is no authority ensuring compliance. People arriving from Kerala by flight, train or road are being allowed into Karnataka without having to undergo an institutional quarantine. Officials contacted by The Observer did not know this. They seemed confused over what the order means.

K.R. Gouri, a student of Sri Rajiv Gandhi College of Dental Sciences & Hospital who traveled to Karnataka from Kerala on September 14, said: “I came from Kozhikode to Carmelaram. There was absolutely no checking there. They only saw the RT-PCR report. Even though I had heard a lot about institutional quarantine, nothing like that happened. They were not serious about it. I had a runny nose, but nobody said anything.” Gouri is currently staying in an apartment in Bengaluru.

Reception staff at her college said: “As of now, we have not entertained anyone from Kerala.”

Another student who traveled from Kayamkulam, Kerala, to Whitefield on September 14, said: “No one was there to check. No one was even asking anything. They didn’t even check my RT-PCR report.”

Asked about this, a BBMP official who answered The Observer’s call said: “It’s not the BBMP’s mistake. It is the college’s mistake. They should do something about the students.”

According to the Kerala government’s website, there were 45,59,601 total cases, 1,61,026active cases, 43,73,966 recovered cases and 24,039 deaths in the state as on September 22.

Karnataka has recorded 2,334 active cases, 1,646,193 total cases and 8,512 total deaths as on September 23.


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