Some regrets I am going to have all my life


A short and sweet stint in Kumbalgodu ended abruptly when I left the IIJNM hostel on the midnight of April 22.

The previous day, I had learnt that my father had been hospitalized after a heart attack. Doctors said an angioplasty was mandatory. I packed my bags immediately, but lack of a Covid-19 negative report delayed me a day.

When I left the hostel on a dark windy night, with an anxious mind, I never thought that was my last night in A1, my IIJNM hostel room.

On April 27, the Karnataka government announced a lockdown to fight the second Covid wave, transforming the college into Zoom screens with just one month to the convocation.

I will regret my entire life that I couldn’t say goodbye to my friends, couldn’t get one last hug from the loving ones, couldn’t saunter into the faculty cabins for the last time. I will also regret I could not make that one last visit to Akka’s shop. 

Since the day I took admission in IIJNM, I wished to click a picture of every IIJNM student. But in those four months, I never clicked a photo in front of the big grey wall where the glittering logo of IIJNM is embedded. I left that photo for the convocation day. But now everything has gone inside Zoom screens.


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