Shillong’s pet parents feel the need for home delivery of essential items


Don’t feel safe going to the vet amid pandemic

Shillong: Pet parents in Shillong are ruing the lack of home delivery for essential pet items. During the pandemic, they find it safer than stepping out to buy them. 

Rudolf Sun, a pet parent, informed The Observer: “It is essential to have home delivery for essential pet items as we do not feel safe rushing to the vet and standing in a queue. For people who do not have their own transportation, and during emergencies, home delivery will be convenient.”

He has faced problems in getting essential pet items during the lockdown. “When a pet owner requires a bottle of shampoo, spray or medicines, instead of rushing to the vet, we should have it delivered to our doorstep, which is easier and safer.”

Jethro Jyrwa, a pet owner, said: “My dog, Cindy, is a local dog and doesn’t require any particular items from the pet store. However other pets may require special food items. It would be convenient to have home delivery services for those who need essentials for pets, especially during the lockdown.”

According to government guidelines for the lockdown, pet owners must submit documentation for allowing them to operate home delivery.

Vinay Vishwanath, owner of Barks and Purrs pet shop, said: “I have not collaborated with any of the delivery services as I have employed my own personal delivery boy to deliver pet goods.  Pet items are not considered an essential commodity, so I have to stop my home delivery until I receive a permit from the Deputy Commissioner which has become a great challenge as I have to cancel all the orders I have received.”

As Vishwanath understands the need to feed healthy food to pets, he does not include a delivery charge in his customers’ home delivery bills unless their address is too far to deliver a small item.

Samuel Lyngdoh, a pet owner, said: “Home delivery can be a great convenience as it is difficult to go outside and get essentials for pets since most shops are far off in the city. I can say that most people are willing to pay extra for home delivery.”

Another pet owner, Chiara Massar, said: “Home delivery of essential pet items is required. As long as the situation is urgent and the condition of that locality is such that infection by coronavirus not rampant, then the delivery of such items should be an option for pet owners. However, if there is a greater risk of any human infection and the condition of the pet is not critical, then home delivery might not be preferred.”

Additionally, with more and more people getting vaccinated, Massar thinks people who can afford to get out of their homes would prefer to get out and buy household items to have better control over their purchases. A few consumers have become sceptical of having items home delivered because delivery agents go to multiple places. 

David Michael Mawlong of Pup of Shillong store said: “It has been a great difficulty in getting permission for home delivery, which has caused us to lose our daily customers. Moreover, it has been a challenge to pay my employees even though the store remains closed.” Another of his concerns is pet products getting past their expiry date.

Kloi Phi delivery service founder Shane Lyngdoh shared: “We don’t deliver essential pet items as it is not profitable to the company. We have declined many requests to deliver pet items, and are only focusing on delivering essential food items. Also, getting permission for home delivery from the DC can be tedious.”


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