Covid-19 patients in Hyd find service in Pvt hospitals poor

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Docs say they are overworked, but doing their best   

Hyderabad: Covid-19 patients say staying in hospitals in the twin cities is a nightmare. Although doctors and other staff are doing their best, many patients are disappointed with their efforts.

“I wish I had suffered and died at home rather than got admitted to hospital,” said P. Devi, a recovered patient. After developing symptoms of Covid-19, she got herself tested and the result turned out positive. As her health started deteriorating, she got herself admitted to a well-known hospital in the city. It gave her poor service, she informed The Observer.

Long queues and hours of waiting have become common in hospitals. With cases increasing every day, the demand for hospital beds has shot up. 

Satya Sulochana, who took her maid to a hospital as she was showing severe Covid-19 symptoms, said she had to wait for six hours to get her tested. She had to request hospital staff multiple times to test her maid. “She was already sick. Waiting for so long in the hospital only worsened her condition,” Sulochana added.

Patients are scrambling for beds, oxygen cylinders, ventilators and basic medicines. People who earlier preferred visited private hospitals now say there is not much difference between them and government facilities.

“I thought I never would say this, but service in private hospitals is not any better than those in government hospitals,” Devi said.

Sulochana said: “We didn’t want to go to a government hospital as I thought the service won’t be any good, but it’s the same with private hospitals now, so why waste so much money.”

These patients also complain that their mental health is affected by staying in the hospitals with no proper service.

Abhishek Bhaskaran, who was infected, said: “I regret going to a hospital. Like many others, I should have stayed home and opted for online consultation.”

Devi concurred: “The doctor used to come and check twice, and the nurse used to just come to drop food and medicines, that’s it. Apart from that, no care or anything.” She did not even get a chance to convey her problem to the doctor. However, she said, she doesn’t want to blame the doctors as they have to treat many patients.

The pandemic has put a heavy burden on the country’s healthcare system. The demand for medical professionals is high. A rapid rise in the number of patients is creating a difficult situation for doctors.

Dr B.R. Lavanya, who treats Covid patients, said: “I work day and night, risking both my and my family’s lives, to help these patients. My husband is also a doctor.”

Doctors say they are doing their best, but as the number of patients is increasing, it is becoming difficult for them to satisfy everyone.

Dr Raju Kumar, another doctor, said: “I don’t just deal with Covid patients but also patients with other illnesses. I am trying  to do my best. However, it is not possible to talk to individual patients for hours as I have so many patients to deal with.”

Experts warn the situation will get worse as the number of positive cases in the country has crossed four lakh per day, and the death rate is rising. The increasing number of cases is not only burdening the common public but also doctors and other medical staff.


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