90 lakh vaccine doses ready for states, UTs

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The government of India has given over 18 crore vaccine doses to the states and Union territories at no cost. More than 90 lakh doses are now available for distribution to the states and Union territories, according to a  press release posted by the Press Information Bureau. 

Venny Shangpliang, a student, told The Observer: “With the arrival of the vaccine, we are hoping to get vaccinated soon, even though we are not a priority as for now. But I will register soon for the vaccine.”

To curb the shortage of vaccines, the health department must monitor vaccine wastage and vaccinate as many citizens as possible, she added.

Since they have not reconciled the vaccine they have provided to the armed forces, states with a negative balance have reported a greater intake (including wastage) than the doses supplied.

Emku Dkhar, a citizen of Shillong, said: “I will not register for the vaccine as the state government has not given the date for 18+ people to get vaccinated, however my concern is the price for the vaccination as we are told that the vaccination is available free of cost by the government. Wastage is contributing to the cost of the vaccine.”

Up to May 11, 2021, Meghalaya’s total consumption of vaccines, including wastage, is 3,74,173.

Dr Kabita Sangma Choudhary of NEMCARE hospital said: “At the initial stage of the vaccination campaign, Guwahati had witnessed a large amount of vaccine wastage because the people were sceptical of the safety of the vaccine.” 

“People are starting to trust the vaccine, but now we have run out of doses. People are rushing to remote government health centres as there are still some vaccines available there. Private hospitals in Assam are eagerly waiting for the supply of covid vaccine,” Dr Kabita added. 



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