AAP govt issues norms for kids housed in CCIs

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Given the rising cases of Covid in the national capital, the Delhi government on Thursday issued new guidelines for Child Care Institutions (CCIs) to protect the children from contracting the virus. 

According to the press release,the CCIs have to teach children how to keep their hands clean, practise washing of hands before and after having a meal and strict supervision maintained to ensure this. 

As the CCIs provide residential facilities to the children, it is imperative for them to enforce strict guidelines. CCIs are home for destitute children who have been forced to live on streets. It further stated how to maintain basic hygiene. “Children to be taught to cover their nose and mouth with a bent elbow or tissue.” Used tissues should be disposed of immediately.

The guidelines also specified dos and don’ts which are to be taught to children: cover your nose and mouth, do not touch your face with unwashed hands, do not spit, do not hug or kiss, or shake hands while greeting.

The superintendents have been asked to strictly adhere to the protocol. If any child is suffering from a cough or cold, the officer-in-charge of a CCI has to contact a doctor immediately, and isolate the child. If a child tests positive, the superintendent should contact the nearest Covid care centre.

Anjela Singh, superintendent of several CCIs for girls in Delhi, said: “I am happy the Delhi government is taking cognisance of things and with which we are able to help these children. We already have the receptions in place as part of a rule. On top of this, we are providing special meals to children and immunity boosters. We are taking all steps necessary to take care of the children.”

The capital has 26 government and 75 NGO-operated CCIs. 

India’s top virologist Dr. V. Ravi, senior professor at Nimhans, told The Times of India that the imminent third wave of Covid infections is likely to affect children severely. Recently, the Maha Vikas Aghadi government announced a task force to assess infection in children during the third wave.

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