Road in HSR Layout is on the mend after a long wait


Bengaluru: After a long wait, the users of 11th Main in HSR Layout’s  Sector 6 can finally look forward to traveling on a smooth surface.

Residents of the area have welcomed the repair work. “I feel like that villager who got a road for the first time,” said Harsh Jalan, a resident. “Also, I hope they will fix this unscientific footpath that does not allow the rainwater to flow,” he added, referring to the recently heightened concrete footpath.

The muddy pavement with ankle-deep potholes has been reinforced with gravel and cement, “Right now we’ve gravelled the road, and soon we’ll fit in holder drains to avoid waterlogging,” said Ravi, assistant executive engineer, BBMP, Bommanahalli Zone. He conceded the job was stalled due to BWSSB work, lockdown and the exodus of migrant workers, “We’re looking forward to finishing the Sector 6 work within 15 days,” he added.

J. Mohan Kumar, the contractor for the job, said migrant workers are heading back home for festivals. “Once they return, our priority will be to fix this completely. The gravel needs a little time to settle and we can tar only when it’s compact. The residents need not worry as the work will be completed within 15 days.”

The BBMP had failed to adhere to the deadline mentioned in the February 24, 2020, tender that said: “The work has to be completed in a period of six months, including monsoon.” 

When work resumed post-lockdown, the BWSSB informed the contractor that a problem in the existing sewage lines had to be fixed before the road was tarred. The BWSSB took almost a month to repair the lines. In May, the residents hoped their trouble would end within a few days. But BBMP workers never showed up to repair the road.

A continuous downpour filled up the potholes, creating a fear of waterborne diseases and dengue.

People found it difficult to walk and drive on the road. “Let alone driving vehicles, it becomes difficult to even step out of the house when it rains. With this constant waterlogging, the mosquitoes count has increased,” said Ram Murthy, a resident.

Praveen Kumar, a resident, said: “Food delivery and courier boys have also been complaining. We can understand it’s delayed due to the lockdown, but other roads have been tarred.”

Raghavendra, an employee of MLA Satish Reddy M, informed The Observer: “Relaying of sewage pipes had delayed the road work. There are two houses on this road that are undergoing construction, and the repeated heavy vehicle movement has worsened the road. That is why we are delaying retarring of the road.”  

This is yet another example of lack of coordination between the BBMP and the BWSSB. However, now that the work has picked up pace, residents hope the work will be completed without any further problems or delays.

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