Passengers forced to wait as conductors do not issue tickets in moving BMTC buses


People have to face lots of problem because of this.

BMTC buses wait 15-20 minutes every day at the bus stop near the Baiyappanahalli Metro station to allow conductors to issue tickets. The conductors say they don’t have enough time to issue tickets in moving buses.

Vasanth Ramu, a commuter, said: “From my house to the Baiyappanahalli station, it takes a maximum of 15 minutes in the morning, but because of irresponsible bus staff, it takes 30 minutes to reach my home in the evening.” Passengers have no choice but to wait for the bus.

Mukesh, an employee of an IT company, informed The Observer: “After a tiring day in our offices, we have to wait for an hour in the bus.” To avoid this inconvenience, passengers spend more money by taking Vayu Vajra air-conditioned buses, but they face the same problem there.

Nisha, another employee of an IT firm, shared the same concern, adding that she prefers to take the Metro.

Rajmani, an Exide employee, said: “I leave my office early so that I can reach home soon to look after my family and children. Due to this issue, I am unable to reach home on time every day.” BMTC officials must look into it.

Drivers halt buses between stops to allow conductors to issue tickets midway.

Naga Arjuna, a commuter, shared: “It becomes tough for passengers to wait to buy tickets in the middle of the road.”

Vignesh Kurba, a bus conductor, said: “The Baiyappanahalli Metro station is the last station on the west-east line. In the evening, buses are crowded and we help passengers board buses, so we are unable to issue tickets. Hence, we stop in less crowded places to issue tickets.”

When The Observer contacted BMTC PRO Deepak N, he said: “We have received complaints regarding this issue and sent our team to the Baiyappanahalli Metro bus stand to look into the problem. The problem will be resolved shortly.” BMTC might increase the number of buses on the route to cater to the heavy demand, he added.

M.N. Sreehari, a traffic and transport expert, said: “BMTC has to look into this matter as soon as possible because the Baiyappanahalli Metro bus station is very crowded most of the time.They should assign more buses on the route.”


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