Staff shortage delays transport dept services


Out of 2,806 posts, 1,370 lie vacant

The Karnataka transport is unable to deliver services timely because it has a shortage of staff. Out of 2,806 sanctioned posts, 1,370 are vacant.

Pradeep P, an officer at the Rajajinagar RTO, said: “We have a shortage of employees in our office and are trying to do our best to solve everyone’s problems as soon as we can. We are doing more than two jobs between ourselves so that we can complete the work on time.”  He has requested higher authorities to appoint more employees to the department.

The department earned Rs 6,548.5 crore in 2018-19.

Applicants The Observer interviewed complained they had been waiting for a long time for the completion of processes like issue of learner’s licence, renewal of licence and registration of vehicle.

Sonu Kumar, an IT engineer, said: “As I am shifting to another state, I want an NOC from the RTO for my car. I filled the transfer form long back but I have not a transfer certificate for my vehicle yet.” Most of the time officers are absent or not available in the office, he added.

“There are not enough employees in the department to do the work of employees on leave. The officer who is responsible for issuing NOC is also responsible for renewing driving licences,” he said.

Dr M.A Saleem, inspector general of police, traffic and road safety, said: “The state government should take steps to fill up vacancies in the transport department. Nowadays, every household has a car, and registration is required to drive the cars on the roads. There have been a lot of cases of unregistered cars and bikes in the past.”

Jagdish, a doctor in Abhaya Hospital, shared: “I purchased a second-hand car two months ago, and applied for a new registration certificate. But I have not received a single paper from the RTO. I complained to an RTO officer but no action has been taken.”

He has filed a complaint in a consumer court and hopes that his problem will be resolved soon. He shared Sonu Kumar’s observation that there are not enough employees in the RTO office.

Raghu, a lorry driver, said: “I have visiting the RTO since last week for the registration of my new vehicle, but the officers are delaying my work by saying it is under process and it will take some more time.”

After the implementation of the amended Motor Vehicles Act, “we can’t take our vehicles on the road before registration. The department takes more than two days for the inspection of a vehicle. Paper work will take another 15 days.”

Mr Ramappa, who had applied for a driving licence two months ago, has not received it yet. There is a common counter, manned by one person, for the registration of vehicles and delivery of documents. Hence, there is a huge queue, he said.


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