Bescom dumps e-waste in open drain


Bescom recently dumped damaged electricity poles and wires in an open drain on HN Halli Lake Road. Residents say their request to clean up the waste has gone unheard.

Three days ago, a car hit a pole in the area. Bescom workers visited the spot to replace the damaged pole. But they dumped the damaged wires in an open drain. Residents have taken to Twitter to highlight problem.

Ram Bahadur, the security guard of Mala Seldon, a residential building, informed The Observer: “Three days ago, an electricity pole got damaged in an accident. We had informed Bescom. They sent workers, who replaced the damaged pole with a new one. But they dumped the damaged wires into the drain. This needs to be cleaned immediately.”

Residents complained that wires are left on the road as well. During the night, one might easily trip over them. Till now, no accident has taken place, but the wires must be cleared as soon as possible to prevent the same, they added.

A local shopkeeper said: “We asked BBMP vans to collect the waste from the drains, but they say they can only collect the garbage. Therefore, it is left like this every day.”

The open-drain is not very wide. The waste dumped in it has hindered the flow of drain waste water. The place is stinking because of the stagnant water.

The drain has become a breeding place for mosquitoes.

An official from Bescom’s quality and standards department informed The Observer: “We came across various tweets regarding this issue. We are already working on it. The local Bescom authority has been informed, and they will take care of it.”

The Centre recently amended the E-Waste Management Rules, 2016, to facilitate and effectively implement the environmentally sound management of e-waste. These amendments have been made with the objective of channelizing e-waste towards authorized dismantlers and recyclers.

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