Women entrepreneurs’ chutzpah acknowledged

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“The journey of an entrepreneur is long and they need the fuel of encouragement along with assurance and guidance which the government is ready to provide,” said B.S.Yediyurrapa, Chief Minister at the celebration of Women’s Entrepreneurship Day held at Sir.M.V.Auditorium organized by Federation of Karnataka Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FKCCI) and Government of Karnataka.

“This is the first time I’m a part of FKCCI. It is a great platform for entrepreneurs like us to exhibit our products. Women should be proud of them and try their hand at anything they are passionate to do. They should inspire others,” said Sapna Shankar, an entrepreneur at the event.

Dwaraka, our NGO, supports rural women from Andhra Pradesh and train them to do hand-painted kalamkari clothing,” said Bhagya Jyothi Mary, Artist, and production lead at Dwaraka.

The event had panel discussion on schemes and policies for entrepreneurs and start-ups, hidden secrets of successful start-ups and Earn without burn: Zero capital business and also, an exhibition of entrepreneurs’ products.

The panel speakers informed about various schemes available exclusively for women and how they can easily avail loans at a low-interest rate. Udhay Shankar, General Manager of Karnataka State Finance Corporation informed the audience that1320 women have taken these schemes and Rs. 805crore has been provided to them from the government with a reduced interest rate.

Rupa Rani, Chairperson, Women entrepreneurs Committee, FKCCI, said: “Entrepreneur is someone who goes beyond limits to prove themselves. Today, we have come far from how we were, as many women are starting their own business and are becoming entrepreneurs.”

Dana Kursh, Consulate General of Israel, shared her experience of working in various fields that she had been and said that entrepreneurs are “Chutzpah”, which means someone who is daring to take the risk.

“14% of Indian businesses are run by women. We have to increase the statistics. There are only 26% of women working in the workforce in our country. Women are ready to take challenges but a few they hesitate to. They should never be afraid to speak and should be trained from a young age to face reality,” said Gunjan Krishna, IAS, and Commissioner for ID, and Director, Department of Industries & Commerce. She also specifically talked about the challenges that women face in our country and how they should overcome them.

“Women should be given education with the right skills in order to become good at what they are doing,” she added.



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