Meat waste dumped on roadside leaves Chornur village choking


The reason: Panchayat has taken no action says residents

The wayside of Chornur village in Sandur taluk, Ballari district, is dumped with animal waste. Shopkeepers throw meat waste on the roadside, causing a stink.

Village residents informed The Observer that they have complained many times but no action has been taken. The gram panchayat is unaware of the problem. The panchayat development officer (PDO) has not visited the village and has no knowledge about the situation

Chand Bose, a hotel owner, said: “We requested the meat shop owners to not throw the waste on the roads because it stinks badly and also affects our health.” The gram panchayat should identify a place where the waste can be dumped.

Babu, who owns a photocopying centre, said: “My shop is near the road, so the stink costs me the most. Because of the waste, mosquitoes and insects breed near my shop.” Sometimes villagers clean up the place because the gram panchayat does not take responsibility.

Ramnath, a villager, said: “The government is not paying the attention. We filed so many complains to the MLA and MP, but no one is taking any initiative. We also requested the PDO to allocate a place to dump the garbage and other waste.”

PDO Virappa replied: “We don’t have enough funds for cleaning and maintaining the village, so we have asked the zilla panchayat to release more funds.” The panchayat will take action as soon as it receives the funds.

Dr Harish Sasabali, a village doctor, explained: “As the village comes under a mining area, people are already suffering from a lot of diseases. The government should take serious action to clean the roadside area so that no other disease affects the villagers”. He requested the PDO to solve the problem. The villagers should wear masks for their safety.

Akshay Heblikar, director of Eco-Watch, said: “Outdated and improper treatment of animal waste can lead to serious health problems. Improper collection and disposal of untreated animal waste can harm groundwater and human health.” Nutrients and bacteria from animal waste can cause fish kills and harm shellfish in contaminated streams, creeks and estuaries.


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