Koramangala residents want Metro, BMRCL says not possible

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Citizens say that a metro line is needed to decongest the area

Residents of Koramangala want the Ejipura-Koramangala elevated corridor replaced with the Metro line from Baiyappanahalli to Silk Board to decongest the area. But officials say it is not possible to do so.

“We’re trying to connect all the possible places in the city through the Metro, but Baiyappanahalli to Silk Board is not in our plans,” informed B.L.Yashavanth Chavan, BMRCL PRO, informed The Observer.

Jayanti, a resident of Koramangala, said: “There is no proper route to Silk Board. If the Metro is introduced on this line, a lot of people will be benefitted especially working people who have their offices in the Silk Board area and beyond. By constructing a Metro line, traffic in the city will also decrease and it will also benefit people living in and around the area.”

Satish R, an IT company employee, noted: “By building this flyover for the past two years, traffic has increased in this area. What is the use of a flyover when traffic is going to be the same even after constructing it? But if the Metro is constructed, a lot of people will use it. When there’s such connectivity, the amount of traffic, pollution, and tension will reduce at a large scale.” 

Sommu, an autorickshaw driver, said: “If this flyover is built, only one side of it will be useful, i.e. Madiwala to Domlur side. The other side is not possible because it will cause traffic congestion. For the past two years, this particular road is filled with traffic. It takes more than an hour to cross the signal because of this congestion. Also, the road is in a very bad condition due to the ongoing construction work.” 

The metro line will reduce traffic in the area as most of the people in the city prefer to use the Metro instead of standing for long at the traffic, he added.

Chavan said: “To construct a Metro line, a lot of measures and studies are to be done to decide if construction is possible at that particular place. Today, connectivity is there through the Metro. We are trying to connect more places with our future projects. But public transport cannot start from people’s backyard. They have to walk a bit to utilize the available public transport. We have begun with Phase IIA and Phase IIB and are trying to complete them as early as possible.”

A BBMP project engineer who refused to give his name said: “A flyover is very important in a city like Bengaluru. People will ask for a Metro line, but it is practically not possible to have Metro lines everywhere. Out of 1.3 crore population, only about 5%, or 5 lakh people, use the Metro; others use their private vehicles. These vehicles on road need to move smoothly. It is possible only with flyovers. The Ejipura-Koramangala flyover, once built, will reduce the traffic in the area.”

Then chief minister Siddaramaiah laid the flyover’s foundation stone in October 2017. It is expected to be ready by September 2020. The 2.4-km-long flyover, from Kendriya Sadan in Koramangala to Ejipura Main Road junction, has seven junctions, including Sony World junction and Koramangala BDA complex junction.

Anil Bhaskaran, an architect, and urban planner, said: “The actual solution that I would say is to build a new city with new infrastructure. Secondly, the government should bring in new policies which limit migration to a certain extent. Crowding of the city is the issue. A city shouldn’t expand or grow infinitely. The demand for infrastructure is true but any number of infrastructures is not enough as the population is increasing making people demand increase in infrastructure too.”

The flyover will decongest traffic but demands made by people will only increase every day, he added.

According to news reports dated October 16, Congress MLAs Krishna Byre Gowda and Ramalinga Reddy have alleged the BJP government has diverted funds earmarked for these projects into constituencies represented by BJP and earlier by the rebels. Work on the flyover has been stopped for over three months now.

The work, which began in 2017, was expected to be completed by November 2019. BBMP has an outstanding pending bill of over Rs 20 crore to the contractor who stopped the work. 



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