Sewage water flowing in the road of Vijaya Bank Colony Horamavu.


The reason: This Place stinks so badly that people can’t walk on the roads.

Residents of Vijaya Bank Colony, Horamavu, have faced a problem of sewage flowing on roads for the past one year. The residents say they wrote a complaint to the authorities twice but they took no action.

As children pass there in daily basis, they fall sick because of the stink water. The stink and effluent from the sewage water has caused rashes and infections to the children.

Bhaskar K.R., a resident of the colony, informed The Observer: “Sewage overflow creates muddy and stinky roads that people are unable to walk on.” A number of accidents have occurred in the past three weeks because the roads are slippery. 

Dr Saramma Biju Karian, a local doctor, said: “The stink and the muddy water cause a number of diseases that mostly affect children.” There is an increase in the number of mosquitoes in the area due to the sewage.

Ankita, a software engineer with JP Morgan and resident of the colony, shared: “Every day I reach my office late because I can’t ride my scooter on the slippery road. I have to walk till the bus stand for public transport which takes a longer time.”

The ward member who didn’t want to be named said: “I informed our MLA regarding the problem and the accidents in the past three weeks. He promised me the problem would be resolved within a month and he would personally look into it.” The BBMP will soon pass a tender for cleaning the sewage, he added.

Manjula N. Rao, BBMP engineer (solid waste management), said: “I didn’t know about this problem in Horamavu but will … try to solve it as soon as possible.” Her department will assign the work to a group of workers and solve the problem within two months.

Akshay Heblikar, director of Eco-Watch, an organization set up to spread the message of environmental conservation, said: “The sewage harms the environment very badly. It can cause many deadly diseases.” The BBMP should take action to resolve the problem as soon as possible.

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