Villagers travel 2 km daily to fetch water


Problem caused due to motor damage of ground water, villagers can’t get drinking water in their village  

A villager carrying jar to fetch drinking water from Golahalli village

Pump is out of order for 1 year, no action taken.

People who are living in the Kenchanapalya village are finding difficult to fetch the drinking water for them and for their family. They have to travel 2 km away, to get the water. In Kenchanapalya over 100 families use rainwater for their household needs and for their animals. They have to take bus or other transport, to fetch the drinking water from the Golahalli Panchayat.

Golahalli Gram Panchayat President Mahesh K M informed The Observer “we don’t have enough funds for maintenance and to arrange RO water for the villagers of Kenchanapalya. We are trying to make some arrangement because water is the basic need of an individual”.

The Zila Panchayat already passed the bill for the RO purifier for the village but from last 1 year no action is taken by the President.  

When The Observer approached the one villager Jayshankar K B he said “Two years ago the government identified a place for paid purified water, but so far they have not set up the machines. Every time they will come up with insufficient fund. Some are using rain water for drinking that causing health issue.

Women of the villager have to leave their household chores and get water. “It takes me 30 minutes to reach, because there are no regular buses between these villages,” Urmila Gowda said

  The villagers went to MLA B. Nagendra and requested him to solve the problem; he promised them he would forward their complaint to the higher authorities.

Former Panchayat Member K M Bhaswa Raj said “The body is not working properly and not taking any initiative to find a solution. The Centre has allotted funds for water to every Gram Panchayat, but the Kenchanapalya villagers are not getting water from last 1 year.


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