Damaged roads cause drivers, pedestrians pain

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Garbage plaints in JP Nagar, Bannerghatta Road are unheeded

Residents of JP Nagar and Bannerghatta Road are facing trouble due to lack of proper roads. They say their demand for a permanent solution to their woes has gone unheard.

Guru Prasad, who lives close to Sri Jayadeva Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences and Research, Bannerghatta Road, informed The Observer: “I travel to my office and home daily. Mid-way I get stuck in traffic. If I wish to travel from JP Nagar to Silk Board, I have to plan an hour in advance to make it on time.”

Manjunath B Basapur, an autorickshaw driver, said: “Tunnel construction on the Brigade Millennium Road, JP Nagar 7th Phase, has been going on for days. It blocks our vehicles.”

Manoj Kumar, who runs a small shop in JP Nagar, 6th Phase, said: “The garbage dump next to my shop has not been cleared for days. My fellow shopkeepers, a few days ago, complained to BBMP, but nothing has been done. We are tired of repeatedly calling officials for help, but to no avail. Shopkeepers in the neighbourhood complained to the local councillor, but no action has been taken yet.”

The road leading to Anjaneya Temple in JP Nagar, 1st Phase has abundant potholes which have not been filled properly. Shopkeepers in the area complained to BBMP officials, but no action was taken.

Shekhar, who runs a shop close by, said: “The potholes are in the same broken state, as our complaints go unheard. We had recently complained of the same to our MLA, but nothing has been done as yet.”

R. Venugopal, who lives in JP Nagar 7th Phase, informed The Observer: “In my area, I see heaps of garbage lying around for the past 4-5 months. But I have refused to file a complaint in the BBMP office as the authority concerned is highly unresponsive. The accumulation of dumped garbage not only blocks the way but produces bad odour which makes breathing difficult for us and every night. We also face a problem of mosquitoes.”

Pramod Kumar, BBMP assistant executive engineer, ward number 195, claimed that the municipal body repairs damaged roads after rains.

“We go through the procedure and look into issues of illegal constructions around the area. Around Rs 50 lakh has been allotted for the clearance of potholes,” Kumar said.

The BBMP guidelines for construction and demolition waste management, dated March 3, 2016, say: “No waste of any kind shall be deposited at any time by occupiers on streets/besides the streets, pavements, drains, public spaces or vacant sites, or any location which will lead to nuisance to the public.”

Dr T.P.N. Hari Prasad, an assistant professor, said: “The condition of roads is very poor. This is the major cause of traffic jams. The presence of a large number of vehicles on roads leads to air pollution, which results in smog….Carbon dioxide emissions gradually increase, leading to the accumulation of particulate matter in the air. This causes dizziness, headaches and respiratory illlnesses.



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