Illegal parking causes problems for goods vehicles.


Congestion caused due to illegal parking makes it very difficult for the factory trucks and other goods carriers to reach the main road.

Parked vehicles choke the lane making it very difficult for factory vehicles to reach the main road |Credit: Chirag Dutta

Bengaluru: Goods carriers find it difficult to reach Mysuru Road because of the vehicles parked in the lane beside Nayandahalli Metro.

Factories that are located in the lane find it very difficult to transport raw materials and manufactured products due to the parking issue. The first left turn in the lane is narrowed down as several are cars parked there. The point where the lane connects to the main road is also jammed at times due to this reason. The most problematic days for the drivers are the weekends. Most numbers of cars are parked is on Saturdays.

Vijay P, a goods vehicle driver for Neha Plastic, said “We are used to the situation. This has been happening for a long time. Especially during weekends, we have to go through the hassle to get our vehicles out. The number of cars parked on the lane is more on Saturdays than on other days.”

BMRCL has allotted separate parking spots on both sides of the station. The metro control room has clearly stated that it is a parking violation .

When The Observer approached the driver of a vehicle parked illegally, he said: “I have been here for over an hour now. This is not a resident’s car, and I do not reside nearby. Most of the cars are not from places within a 5-km radius. They park here for a few hours and leave.”

The manager of the Mastiff Hotel had said that the cars parked in the do not belong to their customers.

Bounce scooters are also parked in the lane. The stall keeper of Bounce said that the scooters parked in the lane are the ones that are returned after rental.

Officer Yatish B of the Cobra 3 Traffic police unit informed The Observer: “A week ago, five cars were fined Rs 1,000 for parking in the lane. The parking problem persists as the locals don’t complain. Drivers think they can get away easily.”

Dr B.R. Ravikanthe Gowda, the joint commissioner of police who heads Bengaluru’s traffic management, said: “Illegal parking has always been a huge issue in the city. At times, this leads to brawls. We are trying our best to contain traffic issue.


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