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KR Market parking lot has no respite from trash

G. Manashaa


Cows sitting among the filth and stench of the garbage in KR market

Bangalore, February 27, 2018:Despite repeated requests to the BBMP, months ago, to clean the parking area of KR Market, it seems to have done nothing. Every day, a large amount of solid waste is dumped in the parking area.  Nobody knows why.

More than hundred vehicles can be parked where the garbage lies.
There is a space earmarked behind the market to dump garbage. But many vendors use the basement to dump the garbage because it is easily accessible. Some throw trash from the first floor. A stench has enveloped the vicinity.

BBMP sanitary worker Nagamma told The Observer: “I don’t know where the garbage that is collected here is taken to. It is very hard for us to go there to clean up. The place is extremely dirty. I sometimes get a headache after breathing the air.”

Another BBMP sanitary worker, who requested he not be named, said: “It is sometimes really hard to clean the parking area due to the stench.  The garbage is collected by the BBMP garbage van. Even after the garbage is disposed of, the smell remains.”

Ramesh, supervisor of the parking lot, said: “I do not know why they dump the waste in the parking area.  Our senior official can be contacted for further information regarding this.” The officer was also unaware of why garbage is dumped there.
Mayor Sampath Raj said: “I am not sure if I am in charge of the KR Market ward. But I can say this: It disturbs not only the people who stay there, but also commuters.”

People who come in contact with garbage have a high risk of contracting illnesses.
Medical practitioner Dr MN Lokesh informed The Observer: “For waste-collection staff, the risks of picking up and handling overflowing garbage include infections, chronic diseases and accidents. Direct contact with waste can result in skin and blood infections through infected wounds, various illnesses resulting from the bites of animals feeding on the waste, and intestinal infections transmitted by flies feeding on the waste. Picking up overflowing garbage is risky due to sharp objects, needles and potentially hazardous waste.”