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Children should be exposed to art, says gallery owner

Sreejani Bhattacharya

Demand for paintings increases among common public

            The demand for art is rising steadily, believes Shilpa Dugar, owner of Krishala Arts, an e-gallery.

“Not only affluent people but the general public too is buying art now. People today buy art not just for appreciation, but for aesthetic pleasure. Art adds warmth, colour and character to their homes and offices.

The Indian contemporary art scene is very dynamic with a lot of upcoming talent. People are shifting to contemporary art from traditional art pieces,” she said in a conversation with The Observer.

E-galleries are slowly going to wipe out other ways of selling art. “Through an e-gallery, one can easily buy art from any place…. There are only a handful of e-galleries here, so competition is less. E-galleries are working very well and generating a lot of revenue,” Dugar shared.

Anindya Ghosh, an artist who runs the Magic Palette art gallery, said: “The demand for art is growing. While on the one hand you have the old-school fine art, on the other, you have digital art taking up major space. Thanks to social and online platforms, art has expanded in terms of audience. Digital paintings are sold at a lower price range, giving conventional fine art stiff competition.

While digital forms shouldn’t be ignored, we have to ensure the more real art forms aren’t rendered extinct. The greatest problem with the growth of art is that it lacks balance. Maybe with a bit of balance, growth could get more real and effective.”

Dugar said: “India is a culturally rich country, but kids are not exposed to art from a young age. Parents would rather take children to a mall on a weekend than spend it in an art gallery. Children must be exposed to the beauty of art and learn to appreciate it. In most other countries, kids are more aware about art and culture through paintings and trips to museums. Parents should take a leaf out of their books and get their kids to appreciate art.”

Ghosh added: “Art has always been popular. It’s the acceptance where most falter. People’s unwillingness to accept unconventional forms… is a serious concern. But then, if more and more artists themselves are willing to experiment with various forms and media, acceptance will grow. You have to be willing, imaginative and adventurous enough to risk it, and to experiment.”