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Rural artists find opportunities at KLA

Pracheta Panja

Sarvamangalya Patil's depiction of freedom of women through paintings

 Artists from rural areas of Karnataka struggle to showcase their art. The dire need of four artists from rural Karnataka to display their work has led them to the Karnataka Lalithakala Academy (KLA) in Bengaluru. The KLA arranges exhibitions every month to give exposure to such artists.

“Our objective is to give opportunities to rural artists who have talent but are afraid to come out of their shell and display their art,” KLA chairperson M.J.

Kamalakshi informed The Observer on Friday. People approach KLA with requests to display their art. As an incentive, the Academy pays them Rs 1,000.

A freelance artist and guest at a KLA exhibition, Anuradha Singh, said: “Earlier, we never got many opportunities to exhibit our work. Through these exhibitions, people get to know about the artists and their work.

Usually rural artists confine themselves to their areas, and do not know where to go. This is a very good platform for them.”

The artists need a platform where they can communicate with people through their art. These exhibitions help rural artists to publicize their work, and also earn from them. This is important because many artists leave their passion because there is no monetary gain.

One of the artists, Sarvamangalya Patil, said: “I try to explain freedom of women through my paintings. My family supports me, but not many women have this support, so I try to paint for them.”

Sarvamangalya, who paints in her spare time, is overwhelmed at getting an opportunity to show off her work.

Sankar Lohar, an artist from Belagavi, said: “We need to exhibit our work to earn. If we do not get an opportunity to do this, we will not be able to sell our paintings.”