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Despite B-TRAC, accidents increase in KR Puram

Shrabona Ghosh

The toll road lacks proper traffic management | Credit- Shrabona Ghosh

Lack of proper traffic management in KR Puram has increased accidents since 2016. In 2018,  152 accidents have been reported.
 “KR Puram is a most accident-prone area. On Tuesdays, it faces heavy congestion near the market area. The signals here do not work. Even if they work, nobody follow them. The construction of a skywalk is pending,” Srinivas Rao, a KR Puram resident, informed The Observer.
A total of 299 accidents were reported in KR Puram in 2016. That number increased to 304 the following year despite the Bengaluru Traffic Improvement Project (B-TRAC) being in force.
Road and traffic expert MN Sreehari said: “B-TRAC was launched for traffic management. Through it, traffic discipline can be established, reducing accidents. Even educated people do not obey traffic rules,” he added.
Accidents happen because of an increase in the number of vehicles, impatient drivers and violation of traffic rules. “Bengaluru has a population of 1.23 crore. Eighty lakh vehicles is  a huge number and manually not possible to control. Implementation of electronic gadgets will help in traffic controlling ,” Sreehari added.
Pallavi, a resident of KR Puram, said bad roads and traffic congestion hamper her travel.  Jaydeep Mahata, an engineer, said he faces traffic jams between KR Puram and Hoodi because of  Metro construction.
DCP traffic (East) Anupam Agrawal said: “KR Puram, on the outskirts of the city, needs a lot of investment in foot overbridges, streetlights, and footpaths.”
KR Puram traffic sub inspector, who did not want to be named, said: “The jurisdiction of KR Puram traffic police station has spread across 25-30 km. It is a large area and difficult to control.”
“Traffic management is limited. Road safety is the responsibility of individuals. We expect commuters to cooperate and help us in managing traffic,” Anil Kumar, police inspector at the Traffic Management Centre, said.
Traffic management can help in reducing accidents, but as Sreehari points out, obeying basic traffic rules will make people’s lives safe.