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Dark & disorganised, Govt Aquarium is in a sorry state

Sindhuja M

Display boards are either missing or misplaced in Government Aquarium.Credit- Sindhuja M

The Bangalore Aquarium, India’s second largest, seems to be in a state of neglect, a condition that threatens to rob its sheen.
Display boards at the fish tanks are either misplaced or missing. Visitors find it hard to read boards that are in place.
“The place is dark, making it difficult for visitors to read the descriptions,” Naveen, a class 9 student of Sri Gayathri School and first-time-visitor, informed The Observer.
The facility, also called Government Aquarium, was established in 1983.
Balaji and Hanthi, a couple from Hyderabad, said: “The aquarium would have been in a better condition, with various species, if a private organisation had run it. There are some tanks without display; in others, many fish species are packed together. Also there is a repetition of species in more than one tanks, like arowana, Molly and Zebra fish. Thus there are no proper boards for the displays. The room is too dark, with no proper ventilation either.”
However, there are other visitors who say the aquarium is in a better condition than other private aquariums.
Antony Farayra, a visitor from Coimbatore, said: “Comparatively this aquarium is better than others. The floor here is dry. Some aquariums have leaky tanks and wet floors. Here fish tanks are cleaned regularly. There are no dead fish. The fish get proper food and oxygen. The room is dark because light increases the temperature.”
Curator-in-charge Dr Vikas said: “The aquarium has been taken care of the fisheries department of Karnataka. Eighteen staff members take care of the aquarium. They clean the tanks once in 15-20 days. Water for the tanks is disinfected. Around Rs 2.5 lakh is allotted to the aquarium every year. Thousands of visitors visit the aquarium as it near Cubbon Park and the Museum. We have 35 different species here. It is hard to bring in new species because they are temperature-sensitive. The description boards are misplaced because we regularly change the places of fish. The aquarium is best for educational purpose for students up to class 10”