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BMTC conductors unhappy over low pay

Shashank Dipankar

BMTC bus conductorsare dissatisfied with their salary as they feel it is not commensurate to the hard work they put in.
“Due to my insufficient salary, I faced lot of problems in looking after my family of four.Conductors of private bus companies have better salaries and perks than us,” said Narendra K a BMTC bus conductor.
To earn more, the conductors work in irregular shifts and sometimes more than 12 hours a day. “Life outside is hard.Sometimes I don’t get time for my family,” said Nagaraj a BMTC conductor.
The conductors are also dissatisfied with the BMTC administration for not revamping the system; they still follow a 30-years-old framework.
“Conductors get forms which have details of buses and routes and the number of kilometres each bus needs to travel. These have not been updated for 30 years. Many places have changed in the past 30 years, so we face problems,” said conductor Basawaraj M.
Expensive healthcare is another issue. “If one member of my family gets sick, a significant amount of my salary is used up there, and I face monetary problems. They should at least give us a health cover,” said conductor Manjunath. Providing an education to his children is difficult because of growing fees.
The increments they get are irregular and delayed for 3-4 years if they commit an error.
“If there is a mismatch between the number of tickets and passengers, they not only penalise us but also withhold our increments,” added Basawaraj M. “The cost of everyday items has gone up, butour salaries growso slow,” added Ajay, another conductor. 
K.R Vishwanath,chief traffic manager (operation), BMTC “We have a difference of Rs 30 crore between revenue and expenditure.We can’t afford to pay more salaries to our employees. Who will pay for the hike? No one is satisfied with their salaries in BMTC.”