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Many citizens turn to eco-friendly Diwali

Debanjali Kabiraj;

A GREEN DIWALI: Eco-friendly diyas made of clay are quite popular this Diwali season

This Diwali, many Bengalureans have taken a vow to say no to harmful chemicals. They are looking forward to celebrating an eco-friendly Diwali.

As Diwali draws closer, there is a buzz in stores selling home décor items. These shops sell eco-friendly items like clay diyas, jute lamps, floating diyas, clay idols and fairy lights. People seem to favour these items over firecrackers.

The shops also have gifts items like jute bags and pouches and scented candles. Organic colours are available for rangoli.

Nasreen Khan, manager of Jute Cottage,  informed The Observer that she has received many customers who shown interest in eco-friendly items. “Due to demonetization and GST, sales have gone down. People are buying hand-made items but only those priced moderately.”

Asked by how awareness about a non-polluting Diwali can be celebrated, she said: “Everything starts at home. One has to accept this approach to Diwali and start practising it. Only then can awareness be spread.”

But there are some people who said they would follow the traditional way of celebrating the Festival of Lights. Nirmala P, a shopkeeper, said she doesn’t know much about eco-friendly Diwali. She and her family will celebrate as they do every year: with crackers.