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City gets uneven rain due to absence of weather system

Anjana Basumatry 

commuting has become an ordeal because roads have taken a beating

Despite the end of the southwest monsoon, Bengaluru is receiving rainfall due to three factors: Uneven distribution of cyclone circulation, a trough of low pressure and high pressure, and the meeting of easterly and westerly winds.

The city will have cloudy weather with thunderstorms till Monday, according to the website accuweather.com.

The rain in August and September beat some records. For example, on the night of August 14-15, Bengaluru received 128.7 mm of rain — the highest in a day in 127 years. The highest rainfall recorded in the city in a day was 162.1mm, on August 27, 1890.

With the rain have come problems the city is no stranger to. The quality of roads has taken a beating, with potholes appearing all over the city. Filled with water, these craters have cause several accidents in the past week. Storm water drains in many areas, like Halasuru, have overflowed, resulting in traffic congestions. In many parts, like Ejipura, roads under sewage that come to the surface because broken drains have overflowed. Dengue cases have increased as compared to 2016.

Sundar M Metri, director and scientist at the Meteorological Department, informed The Observer that southern India receives rain during October-November. This is the Northeast monsoon, which comes after the southwest monsoon recedes. The main reason for the heavy rain is that when the southwest monsoon enters the southern India, it brings some contents to the land that, in turn, bring cyclone circulation, low- and high-pressure troughs. “The east-west meeting system which has to enter from the southwest, was not seen. Therefore, uneven distribution of rainfall has been noticed.”

The scientist added: “There is a rise in temperature during summer, which is due to global warming. And global warming is caused by the growth of industrialization, greenhouse gases, vehicles and release of methane, sulphur dioxide and carbon dioxide from Industries.”

Not just Bengaluru, every part of India has received uneven rain due because of the absence of the weather system. Some parts of the country have received heavy rain that has caused flooding, while some have got moderate rain. it going.